The Daily Channel – Sentiments

Venice 2012


Sentiments are won and lost. They begin as a course to action, however, if that action is not followed then in your terms the result is not perceived. You only perceive the outcomes that match your current energy.


As thoughts emerge from your psyche, your ability to act upon them is based upon the choices that you make at any given moment. Those choices are shaped by the belief structures that you hold, and thus for some it would seem that certain paths or courses of action are indeed impossible, or undesirable. However, the only restriction is the current belief that it is indeed impossible or undesirable. The physical world does not hinge upon itself in order to make itself known. It is not its origin, but rather an adjunct to an active cerebral communication device that, for want of a better description, interprets inner data in terms that the physically oriented consciousness can relate to and understand within comfortable and familiar parameters. The thoughts emerge from a place too deep to remember for most, yet they lie beneath the surface of your usual awareness in a most active and indeed a more concrete, solid format than you would currently accept as possible. We talk of intensities of energy, concentrations of intent that allow the physical world to be perceived in the way that it is. Yet a chair is no more solid than a solid and most concerted intent to move in a particular direction, or to focus your mind upon something that you desire. Your perception of solidity is a misunderstanding based upon preconceived notions of the nature and function of your realities. We use the plural here, realities, because in many fashions your life is created from many realities, interwoven and interspersed amongst the solid, physical world that you now believe you perceive. However, your interpretation is not linear, nor is it particularly fixed in time or space, again these are misconceptions of the nature of your identities and thus realities. The intensity with which you focus upon your current form gives it a solidity and function that you believe cannot be negated or be treated as anything but fixed in time and space. This is not the case, you are not fixed but transient in your nature. Fluid and able to change with the merest of thoughts. Your thoughts precede your experience and expectations. If you desire change in the right direction, whatever that direction may be, then you must focus your intent thusly, and create and re-create the image of what you desire in great detail and with as much ‘imagined’ realism that you can muster. The surge of energy involved in such an endeavour is great indeed, and will enable great shifts in consciousness. New patterns of consciousness emerge, beliefs and behaviour change in order to match the new patterns. Reality, physical reality shifts accordingly and every possible permutation, whether experienced by your current form directly or not will form in order to give value to, in your terms, the newly emergent stream of consciousness.

Streams of consciousness form under no duress, they form because you wish them to. Your participation is paramount to the experience of life that you perceive. The validity that you give your life is the tool with which you shape your experiences. Beliefs are tools. If you wish to create the reality that you believe you desire, then you must use the correct tools for the task at hand. You do indeed get what you ask for, so be mindful that you ask the kinds of questions that reflect you at your best, and that seek to present you in the best possible light. Not to others, but yourself. Your task in life is to be excellently you. That is all.




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