Daily quote – May 30 2014: Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-second Story

If but for a moment we could turn back time and relive certain moments with the freshness of a newly formed eye, would we blink and see that before us lay the world in all its splendour urging us to remember and tell its story? Perhaps. With each moment that passes we tell so many tales that change as we change, and as our memories of those moments change. How lucky we are to experience what we do. How precious and equally abundant each moment is.

Roving Bess

St. Marc’s Square, or Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the few places in the world that has centuries of stories to tell. You can stand at any point within the Piazza, turn a full 360˚ and have witnessed 1700 years’s worth of remarkable history in a split-second. Piazza San Marco has always been the gateway to Venice, and to one of the financial superpowers of the world (yes, even now). My children, captured in this image chasing the many flocks of pigeons that come to scavenge for scraps left by the thousands of tourists that pass through its ancient colonnades and across its gleaming white marble flagstones daily. So many people in one place with their own stories to tell in that moment that I decided to press the shutter-button to take the shot, and of course myself and my love for Venice that inspires me to…

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2 thoughts on “Daily quote – May 30 2014: Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-second Story

  1. With cup of tea in hand, I can quietly look out over the golf course, across the valley to the escarpment beyond and in a similar time frame see millions of years. Then I hear some bugger yell “fore”, and the shine is knocked off the moment somewhat. Bloody golfers! 🙂

    Sigh…c’est la vie, n’est ce pas?

    Love the photo!

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