The Daily Channel: Release – A message from Sidiris

Il Duomo, Florence


Do not let fear govern you.

Do not let fear take the upper hand.

Do not let fear dictate the course of your life.

Release fear, and allow it to become something else.


Conflict is an illusion, a fiction that you accept as real.

Conflict is a barrier you construct in order to distance yourselves from others, because you fear disillusionment and pain. The pain you feel is a disconnection from your soul energy, as you would understand it. Although this is not possible, you simply intensify your focus upon the proponent of your malcontent. Relax your focus, and your body will relax. Do not be afraid to release the tension, you are safe, and your life will mirror your intent. Do not fear that release means loss. It does not. Loss only occurs when you cannot release that which you fear, when the intensity of your focus stifles movement and growth. At such times release is your only option, to loosen your grip upon that which you fear losing. Remembering that your experience follows your expectations. If you expect to fail, or to lose, then you create the circumstances that will reflect that intent. Letting go is a relaxation of focus, both mentally and thus physically. Imagine the free flow of your thoughts, through you, from within you, and out into the world that you breathe life into. Do this daily, frequently, just a few minutes here and there, and soon you will feel the burden of your fears lifting from you. Your intent is powerful, and the slightest change in your thought patterns will change your experience accordingly. Know that you are safe. Know that you are well cared for. Know that you are accepted, and know that you are valued.

The validity of your being is very real, because it is a constant. Your basic urge to continue with your lives, and to continue to recreate yourselves anew is the key to understanding your inner and outer conflicts. Fear is a refusal to bend, for fear of breaking. If you do not fear adjustment, as you do not fear that the sun will not rise again from day to day, then fear has no place in your mental and physical landscape. You are of your very natures innovators, creators, and master technicians of your ever ready souls. Create yourselves as you would have yourselves be with every moment, with full awareness and kindness, and the knowledge that you are already everything you need to be. You are cared for, nurtured, and listened to by the architects of your hearts. We stand by you irrespective of whether you know we are here. Take the time to stop and listen to the whispers from within, to the signs that you know you recognise. Acknowledge your own validity as a human being, as a being beyond the scope of your current comprehension.

Sing us a song that you know you love, and we shall sing you one back.




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