The Daily Channel: “When you get to my age…”

Venice steps

“When I get to your age I will celebrate the fact that I got to be that old!”



Age is a component of your everyday experience, yet like your concept of time it is arbitrary and insignificant in the broader sense with regards to the evolution of your being. It marks moments in time in a way that allows you to make value judgements about yourselves and those with whom you participate in life.

We understand your need to feel as though your life has value within terms that you may understand, however your age is no more indicative of your ‘maturity’ than a yard stick is an accurate measure of space. It is a perception you assume in order to feel as though you are fully participant in your social structures. Young persons are no less cognisant of their beings than older persons are of theirs. The experience as perceived by each individual energy gestalt, or ‘person’ in your terms, is unique and equally valid. To speak of age as a delimiter, or as a matter of defining status is by far missing the point of your existences as individuals and as part of the greater endeavour that is your current human condition. We do not judge you thusly, you are all magnificent in our eyes.

Age is a mutual understanding of interconnecting relationships. We understand your need to redefine yourselves in terms of age, that perhaps adopting such traits and attitudes ‘appropriate’ for your age at any given moment is somehow conducive to the quality of your experiences, however to think in such terms is to inhibit your own development in areas that perhaps would otherwise be of benefit to you.

Your age as you understand it once again is irrelevant to the value that your presence has. It, like time cannot be perceived other than as a mental concept. It has no reality outside of your ability to perceive it.

Much more acceptance and understanding would be afforded amongst you if you were to be less concerned about defining qualities such as age and thus time. You inhibit your own progress and processes, although we are aware that as such these concepts require your comprehension of time in order for them to have salience. Your language is a restriction and does not clearly express the intent that we wish to impart to you. Think beyond your walls and, your boundaries and, definitions of selfhood in relation to accepted social conditions and, begin to listen to the pulse of knowledge already flowing through you and within you and, begin to comprehend how that indeed connects you to others, to us and, to the greater endeavour that is you and your consciousness. It is not a difficult task. We ask only that you do not think in terms of accepted restriction. You are all as equals. The importance of that statement is missed by your current cultural standards of perceiving that which you so willingly create and abide by.

It is not that we are asking you to exercise choice, we are however impressing upon you the knowledge that no matter how you each restrict yourselves within your preferred practises as the ‘humans’ that you accept that you are, you are all as one, equal, very much undivided and, that each of your actions has a direct influence on all others. It is not a responsibility that you can decline from any more than your finger can decline its position at the end of your arm, if you are fortunate enough, in your terms, to have such a physical construction. Again we speak in terms that you may easily relate to.

It requires more energy in many ways in order to maintain your notions of separateness than it does to relinquish notions of self-control, or control over others through inferior perceptions of being.

Your interrelationships on an energetic level are important. How you respond to others and they respond to you in terms of how you each add value to one another and, thus your collective experience, is significant.

Your personal value judgements are an affectation of your desire to be recognised and venerated as individuals separate from others and the worlds that you inhabit. You cannot however, participate fully and with cognisance within the greater experience of your collective consciousness from such a vantage point.




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