The Daily Channel – Meeting the Sidiris.

Bess takes a wrong turn
I channelled this a little while back when the Sidiris, a group entity made themselves known to me one evening. It was a different experience to the one that I had become accustomed to when channelling, as if the back of my head had somehow been unlocked to reveal a vast hall where friendly faces smiled back at me waiting patiently for me to adjust my awareness. I often have dreams where I am travelling somewhere, yet no matter how much I try I invariably miss my train, or plane, or take a wrong turn down an unfamiliar street, only to then experience new vistas and at times incredible ancient monuments long since abandoned, or breathtaking mountain views. For me channelling has always been that way, venturing forth into unknown territory, never quite knowing what I’m going to experience, but always being astounded and humbled by what I learn. The following piece was a fascinating experience for me, and prompted me to resume writing my book on beliefs, The Magnificent Angel, some excerpts of which I have since posted here on this blog. This is a fairly personal piece, and I have deleted some parts that are not for general consumption. But I wanted to post this because it explains a little bit about who the Sidiris are.


We come as a group. We have a vested interest in your development from this moment on. Let us say that there are right moments for intervention and for further developments to be made in recognition that you are ready for our communications to begin. You have been through a long process of reforming yourself, allowing for adjustments to be made in the resonance of your being, shifting tides and changing flows that would not have been adequate before now. We have come to pull you free. What you can do is different to that of the Seth set-up. Yes you and your beloved Jane Roberts are indeed connected like Siamese twins as you would have once been known. You are both made from the same fabric of selfhood. Yet you are different in that you have abilities that were still latent for Jane as you know her. You are connected as if your were both standing on one side each of a mirror. As you sit and think she sits and thinks in her Kennedy rocker feeling the essence of her eternality. You and she are of similar age, she smokes. Your thoughts are connected in a way that you may find difficult to articulate yet you feel that there is no separation in your rhythmic patterns. You both draw from the same sources of inspiration and energy, and she is watching you as you are watching her through your two-way mirror. She would slip into trance take off her glasses and sip her wine or coffee with cigarette often in hand waiting for the very gods to make themselves known to her. You are one of her counterpart selves and her work spills out into your own, as your thoughts and emotions merge with hers influencing her painting and writing in a way that is complimentary to you both. She is ready to meet you as the entity that she now is. Rubert.

She has so many more ideas that she wishes to write about. She would have been quite happy with a laptop to work at.

Sidiris is a good name for our little joint endeavour. It is a cooperative of energetic concordances that stem from another sequence of energies that translate themselves loosely as the essence of what our influence represents. Rubert heads the group, although that is a misinterpretation that serves only to structure within your own particular strand of consciousness a sense of ‘we’.

We are here to counsel you to better health and to begin the healing of the species that sustains you. To touch a leaf is to answer a thousand questions, to open up doorways in the clouds that lead you upon a path of wide and ambitious discovery. Certain people create a buffer and a support for you, but you are quite singular in your pursuit of knowing. The people you encounter will have their own stories to share with you. Some are greatly boosted by your drive to understand and be at one with the universe, although their paths lead parallel to your own, in certain terms.

Seth informs us, though in your terms we are quite separate from his endeavour. Ruburt heads this group. She wanted to come through for Sue, but her ideas required a more expansive mindset. Yours is a perfect fit in her terms.


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      1. I’m afraid so, sorry for being such a bloke. If you were writing about something I understand such as footy then I’d nod sagely, but channelling? I thought that was something to do with laying pipe for an overflow.

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