The Consensure of Ultimatums

I haven’t given the title a lot of thought, but it is as it came to me at the time of channelling the following piece. It’s possible I have posted it before, but as it would have been some time ago, rather than trawl through my old posts, I may as well cut to the chase and publish anew.
This is one of the few times that I have been conscious of a connection with Jane Roberts, channel of the Seth personality during the 60s and 70s. The title is a very Jane Roberts title for those familiar with her work, as I am. I saw her sitting in her noted psychic library, whereupon she gave me a pamphlet to read. This is what the pamphlet said:

“At the beginning there is always consensure. With every moment representing a beginning then it can be said that consensure is a constant. During lifetimes the soul energy expressed through differing forms will come of its own fruition to the knowledge that all of its actions in all of its guises has been in agreement with an overall intent that pervades its existence.
The egg is not a precedent to a chicken, in fact both exist simultaneously, coming into existence as parallel forces drawn to one another within a pattern of intent that shapes all possible variants and futures that may be envisaged and experienced from these two components. Chicken and egg are linked through metaphorical purpose.
Throughout the chicken’s life it does not remember its existence as an egg, but within its capacity to comprehend its existence it does indeed relate to the concept of its birth and its existence within its current form at whichever stage of its life that may be. The egg is an interim state that in its incubatory nature succeeds in achieving its purpose, but it is no more than a mask for a reality far greater than the sum of its parts. The egg will have, from a linear point of view, a concept of what may become of it, though the existence of the chicken that is briefly within it forms a part of its wider significance and purpose.
Two multiplied by two does not equal four. It equals infinite possibilities that remain unseen by the processes that seek to define it as an equation with a limited outcome. The chicken and the egg for example also represent a multiplicity of possible variables that within the confines of certain types of definition and focus will only have a limited potential within which to express themselves and thus be perceived.”


9 thoughts on “The Consensure of Ultimatums

  1. A subject as complex as this is damn’ nigh impossible to get into words. Simile, metaphor; all good stuff. Perhaps this is why the Zen masters used to whack their student sometimes, to cut through rationality and access the deep?

    For myself I have a few answers but far too many questions. It reaches a point where all we can do is grin and drink more tea. Often all we can do is be trite to the serious and serious with the trite.

    One lump or two~?

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