Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

Sometimes I have to apply the brake pedal and realise that the reflection I see before me isn’t my own, but of the person standing behind me. That in my intense focus on the mirrored image, I over-identified with what I saw, not paying attention to the fact that it wasn’t mine at all.
Some things, some people are here to challenge us, but they are not necessarily a reflection of who we are. Often they represent sign-posts reminding us to look away from the mirror and at ourselves. To help us acknowledge that we are already further along the path than we realised. So much of who we are is based on our comparison to others and the beliefs that they hold, without understanding that our own image, beliefs, and views are what we should be paying attention to. With brakes now firmly applied, for now, I refocus and find myself. And thus the spell is broken. For the inadequacies I felt, were neither real, nor my own. Being a chameleon is only good for chameleons.

I thank my alter-ego Jane Roberts for reminding me of this.


6 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

    1. Oh good, because my previous attempts failed. Sometimes it just takes another guy to make a point convincing. Even though Argie is way ahead with the most open-minded of us as it is, (although don’t tell him I said that… ) šŸ˜‰

      1. Yes, I caught a recent post of his that spoke of that. Roberts is the most comprehensive and prolific on the subject of all things consciousness, that’s for sure. He’ll love it secretly, it’s right up his tree. (Love you Argie!)

    1. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall who…”
      “Stop! Stop right there. You’re asking the wrong question.”
      “I am…?”
      “Sure. Rather than asking me the usual question and me giving you the standard spiel, you might consider asking what it is you are actually looking at. Go on, try it out…”
      “Ok. [Erhum] Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what am I looking at? – was that ok?”
      “Yes, that’s good. Now ask me if what you see is your reflection.”
      “Uh…Ok. Mirror, mirror… yada yada, I looking at my reflection?”
      “No dummy, I”m a window.”

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