The Daily F – Nettles and Plantains

The following is taken from a journal entry back in April of this year. It focusses on the subject of health, not only that of my own, but the concept of health in general and the way in which it might function from a more broad, non-physical perspective.


I’m trying to comprehend what’s going on with my body today. I had a very troubled night. Every little sound and movement made me anxious it seemed, although I had gone to bed happy and in love with Bill.
My head was fuzzy and I struggled to wake up this morning. I felt nauseous, and dizzy, and generally out of sorts. Walking Raef to pre-school this morning was like wading through mud. As I know, physicality is a product or a projection of the psyche, it is a pattern of focus that defines my human experience. So I am aware that as I can associate the dreams I was having last night in part with my current condition, then examining the underlying thought patterns may well reveal and relieve my current symptoms, as the physical state is a product of those patterns. In truth I feel hungover, although I haven’t consumed any alcohol in months because it has such an adverse affect on my heart rhythm.
Part of the issue with the way my brain works and being a big-picture thinker is that sometimes I struggle with finding a place to begin, with anything. I can get bogged down by the enormity of things and find that I get nowhere very fast, frustration sets in and I get nothing done. I’ve been trying to work through this in the last few years by allowing myself to go with the first thought that comes to mind, beginning with the most immediate sensation, and seeing where that takes me. Once that lid is peeled back, then things begin to make more sense, until resolution is reached. It’s precisely what I found myself writing about and explaining in my previous entry with regard to metaphysical insight and taking the mental shift from a negative to a more productive mindset.
Acquiring an understanding, or learning something new requires a shift in perception that in essence moves away from the tight focus of ordinary physical awareness. As you can understand, trying to comprehend a physical symptom from a more expansive point of view is tricky, because the immediate response is to the physical sensation which arrests one’s attention and focus. It’s hard to imagine within a social doctrine that promotes physicality over psychological and emotional processes that the cause could be anything but physical. Although as I have come to understand it, the process the underpins the way in which the physical mechanism functions is more important in many ways than the mechanism per se. The physical organism faithfully follows its programming. Though of course this is a simplistic analogy, and one that is constricted by uni-directional thinking.

The immediate sensation I have then is that my head feels fuzzy. My eyes are tired and I have an odd sense of unrest in the pit of my stomach. Judging by the reds and the blues I’m seeing in relation to the feeling in my stomach, a clouded orange in my head, then I get the feeling of being oppressed, of someone projecting something onto me. Although I know I have to be careful with this kind of thinking because as per a recent post, I am now beginning to understand with more clarity that thought patterns are always a collaborative endeavour. No thought ever originates in the physical form, that is the most common assumption, based on current social premises. Indeed, it is far from the case. Thought patterns like the weather can be localised climatically speaking, the climate being a psychological one, going by Seth, Sidiris and other entities alike, and like weather patterns they are experienced collectively. Although I remain ambivalent as to the dimensional origin of the thought patterns as they straddle different levels of consciousness and thus mode, or perception of reality.
Sidiris is telling me that versions of a particular pattern of thought may appear ‘singularly’ in specific planes of reality, but that its overall reality may indeed span and interconnect with different levels of the greater consciousness of which I as an individual am one facet. In other words, they can be examined from multiple angles, and accepted as having a greater reality than just the one that is immediately accepted and perceived by the physical consciousness.
However, an interesting point to bear in mind is something I always remember Seth saying with regard to examining beliefs, and that is that they are always just beneath the surface of usual awareness. They are not buried deeply in some hidden past, but are very current and readily available and indeed with little attention they are very easily discovered. He always suggests writing down what comes to mind by way of beginning the process, allowing thoughts to bubble to the surface as they occur and paying attention to them, then evaluating them.

(Later on that day)

Walking back through Littlehampton having picked Raef up from pre-school I was noticing how alongside the nettles were growing Docks and Plantains, and it occurred to me as I was trying to understand my current state that if the nettles might represent a problem, the solution, or cure is always alongside. In fact multiple solutions as represented by both Docks and Plantains, and probably a number of other naturally growing herbs that alleviate the nettle’s sting. It made sense that this is what my intuition was offering me, using the physical world around me to illustrate the point. So it is with every question is contained the answer as plain as day. In fact it could almost be said that the question only exists because the answer is already visible. In my own personal case beginning with a statement about how I feel is the answer to my inquiry about my current state. Although, even that logic seems a little asinine to me, because it feels like I’m not really revealing anything. The third component you could say to the purpose of the nettles and the dock leaves is the presupposition that someone needs to get stung by the nettles in order for the dock leaves to become effective. Now that line of reasoning interests me more. Another option is that no-one gets stung, therefore rendering both plants redundant in this version of events, both merely expressing probabilities. And maybe that’s it, going back to the concept of collective consciousness that I, along with the nettles and the docks, and the plantains, am sharing a collective experience of which we are all probable facets, projections or expressions if you will, of the same energy pattern/signature. Of course there are many other factors involved in our interrelationship, as well as our individual existences that are not as obvious, but that are intrinsic to our functioning within our personal and collective realities, and that would present themselves would I to explore further.
Physical reality, although valid, is an abstract representation of the underlying psychological state, and modes of awareness.

This is essentially about experience being a collective enterprise, that may or may not be obvious, and that may span wider than just the immediate interpretation of events, i.e. from a subjective experience alone.


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