TDF – Zed’s Dead – The death of the ego.


Change is inevitable. Change is a death of the old and the birth of the new in every single thought and, breath and, irreparably broken ego. It isn’t the heart that breaks at the loss of a loved one, but the fragile ego that believes itself to be separate from all else. In its selfishness it does not see how well nurtured and accepted it is. It seeks without itself in order to discover what already lays within, not realising that it never really had to go that far in the first place. What a shame it takes some of us life-times to learn. Perhaps that is part of the curve of creativity, the estranged but equally familiar quality of our beating hearts, the rhythm to which we all dance and sway, in unison, in all the patterns that god, the Universe, All That Is, makes for us. Patterns that we inevitably fall into and participate in, as naturally as breathing comes to our human forms. What a wonder that all who perceive their dreaming selves, perceive this part of their collective consciousness, in all its many facets and glorious colours. What an enchanting ride life should be, not falling short of the ego’s desire to be accepted as best, as number one! Poor ego, all crumpled and shattered, what will it do next? When will it realise that it is not the sum of it’s parts? That it is not an ‘It’ at all, but a piece of an ever evolving puzzle that seeks to be enjoyed in all ways by all?

R.I.P. Ego. Lay your desolate lonely thoughts at somebody else’s doorstep. Disperse them in the wind and let go of your need to be needed so intently and individually. Let yourself live a little amongst the stars with all the other bright souls who light the way, every step of the way. Go home and be cherished, be loved as you were designed to be loved.

Go home.


Don't forget to breathe...

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