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In the end there is always one thing you can rely on, the ability of the self to re-assess what has seemingly gone before. In the end there seems to be only you, but as you grow into awareness you dissipate and flow into the consciousness that you have always inhabited but perhaps have been less aware of during your earthy focus. The intensity of your quest in being human is the hardest thing you have yet done, then you find release and all seems as if it were a mere moment in the process of awareness. The hush of the breeze over your once browned face, the touch of the rain upon your closed eyes as you inhaled the smell of autumn upon fallen leaves. Your quest did not begin with your birth as a mortal being, but continued on as it has always, and will. The quest of your soulful being is always at its ebb, and always ready to flow back into another form, another being full of self-awareness, replete with the knowledge of its ancestry, and paths yet to be discovered, remembered. This new beginning you face as you exhale and release is not an end, or death. It is a realisation of how much more of you there is yet to know and comprehend. You are growing as we speak, you thrive upon the ever changing habits of a multiversal time-frame, shaping your choices as you shape the structure of time itself with your presuppositions and questions.

Time-frames change, they are not fixed in terms that you would lay claim to. They open up time portals in space that lead you to different planes of consciousness consistent with your beliefs and habitual patterns of behaviour. Time does not exist. Time in your frame of reference is not as consistent as you would believe. It does not stretch out before you or behind you. It is a figment of your imagination that is given credibility by your ability to perceive through your physical senses. It cannot exist within any notion of solidity because it is merely a process of cataloguing thoughts and expressions of being. Time frames belong within the context of scientific theory. To measure a moment is to agree upon certain parameters that guide the mind into certain trains of thought and experience. But then to refer back to such time frames as having any evidential solidity is a denial of your perception of it as purely a thought driven subjective exercise.

You question your ability to do well. We do not question your ability to be who you choose to be in your expression of humanness. This is not a test. You do not have to fulfil a brief within your human existence as X Person. You come to your physical senses of your own free will. Some of you may indeed question the notion of free will in much the same way that we may question your need to be so fixed in your perception of events.

Free will is not a given, it is a choice. A possible permutation of your ability to express yourselves willingly and as freely as you are able within the parameters of your current form and being. That is not to say that you are fixed or limited in any way, merely that your perception follows certain patterns that are either within the field of your awareness or not. But that you are aware of all of the patterns within which you participate as a fully active consciousness is not at question.

Your body is aware of your mind, because the two are inseparable. The only distinction drawn is the one that you yourself create in order to manifest a semblance of separation, and therefore cement understanding of seemingly separate elements of your physical and mental being. We cannot stress enough that there is no such separation in the unfolding and enveloping of your being. Time cannot exist without you and your agreement to tread so carefully upon the line that you create within your imagination. Reality is not separate from you, but of you. You do not move away from anything when you walk from point A to B, however, you change frequencies of thought patterns that then provide your with a different kind of perception to which you may attribute such statements as: changing scenery, escaping from X situation, beginning afresh. Yet all that has changed is your desire to perceive something other than that which you became accustomed to through emotive evaluation.

You come with no prior awareness of anything, because everything that you are is within the very personification of your being as the person that you now know yourselves to be. We do not guide you, yet we listen to you as you now knowingly listen to us. There is a constant interplay of conscious intensities that operate within the framework of your collective consciousnesses, for there are many such entities and gestalts of energy, much as you would perceive people that form a crowd. There can be many permutations of consciousness that you choose to perceive in order for you to find the necessary components of your expression as an ever evolving self, selves.

You open up possibilities and probabilities by engaging your mind in new directions and, in your terms changing your scenery and meeting new people. Yet the separation you perceive is only visible due to the nature of your current conscious focus and filters. Close your eyes and immediately many of those filters disappear. Does it change your singularity? Well, yes. You no longer have a point of reference that singles you out from others. Your capacity to imagine possible outcomes and potential interactions with others increases and becomes more fluid with the elimination of your visual senses. Yet you still are able to see, though in a way that does not require your physical perception.

You may say that what you may see within your mind is a perception of the physical brain, yet what you have not considered is that your ability to see within your mind does not originate within the brain, but is translated through the brain as signals that your body interprets in ways that it may comprehend more easily. You receive data from other portions of your consciousness in a constant flow, much as you transmit data to these other portions of your collective consciousness and beyond. Similarly there is an exchange within your present plane of consciousness, although to refer to it in terms of a plane is merely for the sake of analogy. As your heart beats it reflects the pulsing of consciousness. But as you are only accustomed to paying attention to the pulse of your heart within and throughout your body alone, you do not pay attention to the pulsing of your experience, the ebb and flow of the tides of consciousness that populate your perception of your distinct flavour of reality.



8 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Would you like chips with your potato omelette?

  1. So, I fancy myself a thinking person–and yet, as I read your post it occurred to me how much time I spend focused on the wheel, so to speak, navigating forward and reverse, left and right, accelerate and brake. Seems like I’m driving a tractor too often, and ought to trade it in on a flying carpet.

  2. I would agree that time doesn’t exist if I allow myself to think in terms of the infinite, or even the finite, complete space-time expanse we are aware of (13.8 billion earth-years or so). However, if I allow myself to think in terms of a human lifespan, 73-ish years, wherein I’m counting each precious second, then time not only exists, but dominates.

    So, perhaps the key is not in releasing the concept of time, but in releasing the concept of finiteness. Perhaps one can only expand beyond time when one can release oneself from the human form.

    “Reality is not separate from you, but of you. You do not move away from anything when you walk from point A to B, however, you change frequencies of thought patterns that then provide your with a different kind of perception … .”

    I agree. We believe we walk from A to B because we believe that the Earth is reality. However, in fact, we are at A, revolving the Sun, which is spinning around the center of the Milky Way, which is racing through space, trying to collide with Andromeda. Both A and B, in the relative state, are meaningless. The higher up the plane you go, you find you’ll eventually reach a place where A is indistinguishable from B. But here we are, hiking though France, trying like hell to get to B. I suppose time is like that, and I’d love the opportunity to see space and time from that higher perspective.

    I’ve often sneered at Time Travel books, because people go “back in time” and are in the same spot, just years past. No one ever seems to realize that if they race to 1814, they’d reach that “time” only to discover the entire solar system is thousands of miles away, not having reached our 2014 point in space yet. So is time real? Sure, if it’s locked to space, which it isn’t.

    Amoebas. We are amoebas, standing in a pool of paramecium, declaring ourselves to be gods because we first discovered a microscope beaming at us.

    1. I suppose what it really boils down to is this: if a train of thought fills you with inspiration and hope, and makes reality seem a little suckie, then in my opinion it’s worth entertaining. If then that train of thought has practical application in your day to day affairs, then it is doubly worthwhile, even though it may not be the only way to look at things. However, I personally will always be happy with just the first. I don’t have an imagination so that I can hide it away in a box and pretend I’m a robot to convention. It requires imagination to even come up with such a complex and restrictive notion as time, and to consider all the possible implications of its honestly immeasurable applications. It requires even more imagination to accept these things as any kind of truth, because that’s just a choice on our parts. If it makes you sleep better at night, and your days seem brighter for it, then no harm has been done. Too much harm is done by divorcing our selves from the charge of our own thoughts, by believing our realities to be separate from us because someone else has failed to find a way of measuring the interrelationship between us and it.

      When it comes to the concept of time travel, you make a valid point. It still takes imagination to reach such a possible conclusion. I for one don’t expect others to see things in the way that I do, everybody has their own private motivations for pursuing their own version of happy. I have discovered that in releasing the notion of linear time I feel more liberated and able to pursue concepts and indeed realities that provide me with more of the ‘happy’ that I’m always looking for. Whatever works for you I guess, is valid.

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