Don’t Wait.

Diary of a Person Being Human

Don’t wait until you are losing someone,

To realise that you need to be there for them,

In the way that you should always have been there for them.

Maybe you didn’t really love them in the way

That you thought you loved them at all?

Too caught up in your own whirlwind

Of self-deprecation, or aggrandisement.

If you prepared yourself for the day when you would lose them,

Then you were never truly present with them.

That isn’t love, that is just biding your time,

Until you too lose yourself to the winds of change,

And are gone.

Don’t wait for time to pass you by before you decide,

That the time is now right,

It’s not, it’s an excuse,

And you will never get it back.

Opportunities, like love,

Are there to be taken and enjoyed,

When they arise. They have arisen for a reason,

And at exactly…

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