Forgetting to Remember.

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When I lose my way I resort to picking up a Seth book and randomly picking a section to read. I lose my way often, so to speak, getting caught up in the whirlwind of my life, even though not much really seems to happen at all. But when ever I pick up Seth, it is nearly always and quite specifically relevant to what is going on with me at that particular time. I am reminded at these times that I create my own reality, as if I hadn’t read or spoken those words to myself enough throughout my life already. Seth is my reset button. As I read, a subtle calmness rests upon me like a delicate veil cloaking the breeze, I hardly notice it’s there until I put the book down, and realise for the first time in a while usually that my internal vision is less chaotic. I remember everything I have been taught about the nature of reality. All the years of reading, and channelling. How stupid and shortsighted of me to forget. But then, how many times have I been told that forgetting is an important part of the process? Again more times than I care to remember. No hope.

However, it all goes somewhere, or comes from somewhere within, whatever that actually means. I no longer believe that the mind is constrained within the body. It makes perfect sense to me that it exceeds the body, and is a collective endeavour shaped by patterns of thought and thus action, behaviour, beliefs made physical. And that it also spans our notion of time, space and imagination, rippling outward and inward in myriad directions, simultaneously and seamlessly. Our every thought is acted upon and manifested in some way, not always to be experienced directly or indeed synchronically within our very specific and current perception of reality, even though I doubt that has any limits either. We knit together memories and experiences like a writer creates characters and worlds for them to inhabit, usually quite spontaneously and without huge amounts of thought. These beings and ‘imagined’ realities just seem to be there, magically at our behest, ready to collaborate with us in what seems to be to us, an unfolding story. Though that story, like a dream already has legs, it has a history and a presence, quite tangible often, much like physical reality. It occupies a point in the fabric of consciousness much like the city of London physically occupies a tract of land some 70 miles north-east of me now.  It’s not a far stretch to imagine.

I don’t get to talk about this kind of stuff very much in the real world, as funny as that term seems to me, most people just aren’t interested or ready to hear about why we do what we do at all. Yet we all ask the question at some point in our seemingly brief physical existences as to why we are here. It’s not for me to tell you, or the likes of Seth or Jane Roberts, or any of the many other channels and wise people in the world. That’s for all of us to find out in our own time, and by learning to be observant of who and what we are, what makes us and others tick. Understanding the fleeting motions of an internal and external weather system that is inextricably and yet invisibly linked.

As ever, it has been a while since I’ve posted here, and I make no promises. But that I need to find that spark inside of me again is not in doubt. It has been a challenging few years so far, and the forgetting hasn’t helped one bit. It’s like having amnesia in fits and starts, I’ll get bursts of insight that clear the air and the cobwebs, and that give me a much needed boost, but they never quite last long enough. The amnesia seems to take precedence. Reality follows your belief expectations, I can hear Seth echoing in my mind. Yeah…still got work to do there.

I like to iron out some creases, but invariably create others in the process. I suppose I can only ever do the best I can. As we all do, as lame an excuse as that sounds to me. It just means, I don’t have all the answers that I would like to have, even though I have some. I shall post the excerpt from the Seth book I picked up the other night. It’s good food for thought as always.

In the meantime, as my good friend Argie says: don’t wait up!


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