Seth on changing negative habits and beliefs.

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I have found a little gem as I continued reading my Seth book, one incidentally that I haven’t read before, but that I have been reading on and off for the past few years now. In the following excerpt Seth explains an exercise that can be done by anyone that replaces negative habits and beliefs with more positive mental constructs. I find it interesting that it mirrors a technique I have been using for some years now in terms of imagining the total destruction of the negative thought or belief, however what I have been failing to do in all instances is replacing them with something better. As always, Seth’s words are timely. Also because they parallel something I channelled just a couple of days ago with regards to the way we might hang on to the memories of people from our past. This excerpt is taken from, ‘The Early Sessions – Book 9 of the Seth Material’, p.287-8.

” The original intensity behind the construction [belief, thought] determines the length of its existence, in your terms, rather than the duration [in terms of physical years]…Left alone, any such construction will eventually vanish. It will however leave a trace. This does not necessarily mean it will leave a trace in your consciousness. A trace in electromagnetic reality, where it can then be activated by anyone when certain conditions are met, or are favourable.

Denying energy to such a construction can be like pricking a balloon. It can instantly disintegrate, be defaulted. The prick however is comparable to a conscious and subconscious denial of the construction’s validity. Then all attention must be taken from it, for it thrives on attention.

To replace it with a new construction, it is a good idea to suffused that the old construction had indeed vanished, and in its place a new more acceptable one is being built. Now symbolism may be used here. The following mental exercise is most effective. It may be varied according to your interest.

In your mind’s eye however imagine a run-down, shabby, deteriorating shamble of a house with rotting floorboards and sagging porches. Then imagine that is burned to the ground and the remaining rubble carted away and burned. Imagine the land now free beneath it, open to the blessing of the wind, rain and sun.Then imagine a new house being built there, of your preferred choice, with all new materials, of splendid design, and see this always in your mind where before you saw the previous image.

Imagine the summer winds that blow over the land that now fills the interior of the house with scented air. Let the first house represent all negative ideas or constructions, and the new house represent the desired ideas of constructions. Have it firmly in your mind however as to what ideas these refer, specifically.

The first object must be seen as completely destroyed, and the area cleared before the new object is imagined in its place. the first object should be deliberately destroyed. What relief to see it vanish. The symbolism will help activate those forces that are necessary in any replacement of ideas. Any object you see can be used in place of the house. Do you follow me?

If the exercise is done correctly it is literally impossible for the old idea to obtain any energy for its continuance and your attention is directed to the desired end. The object should be something you can visualise easily however. If you have difficulty imagining the deliberate destruction of the negative object, this is merely a sign of its hold. You may then instead imagine its destruction by an act of nature. The house being struck by lightning for example. If this is the case then the exercise should be continued until you can imagine you yourself deciding upon and bringing about the destruction and replacement. If you are not ready burn down the structure itself, imaginatively, then you are not prepared to rid yourself of the negative behaviour, you see. The symbolic destruction is the real destruction. The symbolic creation is the real creation. Such exercises will cut down the physical time involved however.”


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      1. Sort of, I guess. The thought is we leave energy in a place, especially houses where we’ve lived. When, for example, years later you think of that house (mentally walk through) you might be able to ignite some of that residue… hence, an apparition.

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