Personal review of Seth’s exercise on changing beliefs.

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After posting on Seth last night and his exercise for dealing with and replacing negative thought patterns, I thought I would try it for myself following Seth’s suggestions as closely as I was able. Even at the best of times I find it difficult to maintain track of a visualisation. They often morph and change rapidly, so I find it hard to stay focussed on one thing, not too dissimilar to how dream sequences often seem to be. But after deciding to commit wholeheartedly on the task, I repeated the exercise with several variations throughout the rest of the evening, and the small hours of the morning, as it was on my mind, until I began to feel some measure of the kind of relief Seth was suggesting I would feel.

I was up early, really early, 3:30am early, having been woken up by errant children in the house next door deciding it was time to go stomping around. After failing to get back to sleep again, I decided to get up and make myself some breakfast while my own boys slept. Still feeling as though I hadn’t quite been successful enough with my exploits, I resumed the exercise mid-morning, deciding to use the shabby house in my visualisation as illustrated in Seth’s example, this time with better effect. I made sure I entered the house first and explored, seeing specifically what kinds of negative symbolism I might be dealing with. I went through the house, almost room by room, floor by floor, paying attention to as much detail as I could, despite my easily distracted mind. When I felt I had seen enough, I lit a small fire amongst a stack of old papers in the attic and made my way back down and through the house, and to a safe enough distance where I could watch the blaze steadily grow, until the whole building was engulfed in flames, and then until there was nothing left.

In having identified specifically with those negative symbols, it somehow made the experience more personal, so the guilt then the relief I felt on seeing it all disappear into nothing was quite powerful. I then followed through with the next part of the exercise in building a new house on top of the now naked site. Being mindful to pay attention to detail once again, and envisioning myself and my family around me in that new home, leading the kind of life I would want to aspire to.

In truth, I feel like I have been on an adventure. Some of the tension I had been feeling before seems to have eased considerably. I know I have more work to do, but I think I have made a good start at least. My health has been suffering a lot in recent times, with not many of the conventional methods helping to alleviate my rather worrisome symptoms. This is the first time in weeks now that I have actually felt a sense of almost calm within me due to having done this exercise a few times now. It’s nice. It’s really nice.

It is one worth trying for yourself if you have a spare ten minutes, or however long you wish to spend on it.

Good luck!


Here is the link to the original post with instructions on the visualisation technique in question.


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