The Daily Channel – Coffee Time With Sid n’ Iris



“Enacting any kind of change requires active participation. If you are experiencing it, then you are playing an active part in the unfolding of events. Things do not happen to you without your knowledge or awareness. You see, your experiences follow your belief expectations, so it is impossible for you not to be intimately involved in the circumstances of your life, not just as they happen directly to you, but on wider social scales. Now this is not to say that you should take some sort of personal ownership of a mass event, but at the very least recognise that you are experiencing it as a reflection of your own selfhood, and the greater consciousness of which you are a most active part. Life does not happen to you, it happens because of you. Your ability to perceive what you do, and your subsequent interpretation of events is what validates the experiences that you call your own, whether you are protagonist or bystander. They are both merely different points of view, yet the experience is nevertheless your own.

Due to the nature of your perception of time, your perception of reality is in constant flux. It may seem bewildering to you at your present level of focal awareness that you could indeed be responsible for or directly participant in the ever changing and separate events that colour your day to day routines, however it is an affectation of your current focal stance, and the parameters within which that operates as the human being that you are, and so readily associate with. You see, you adhere to certain rules within your own psychological structure, selecting the patterns of behaviour or thought processes that best suit the personality that you identify with. Yet your humanness forms but a part of your conscious awareness. In short, your present thought processes and thus behaviours filter out experiential data that is constantly available to you. There are of course ‘bleed throughs’ so to speak, as there are no closed systems, however these potentially beneficial data are often rejected or treated with high suspicion, or simply put down to coincidence. Let me remind you that there are no coincidences. A coincidence is merely a refusal on your part to engage with salient experiences available to you from your wider consciousness.

Your focus within your human form is very specific, and highly specialised if you will. Your current flavour of conscious awareness requires immense skill and talent (smile) to perform as well as you do. The greater consciousness of which you are a part revels in your experience as human being, despite your apparent lack of foresight, which appears to be the current trend amongst your social circles (with humour). We admire your prowess and dedication to your cause, and we benefit greatly from your unique perspectives as you do ours, despite your seeming lack of awareness of our existence. However, from our vantage point we see you as you are, in all your forms, and we are proud of you.

In answer to William’s question, some strands of consciousness do not participate in the human endeavour at all. It is a choice freely exercised by strands of consciousness, which you may term ‘entities’ in experiencing their selfhood. Many programs or strands of consciousness may be operating at once within any given endeavour, and may in your terms span lifetimes or probable versions of reality. Not all will be expressed in physical terms you see. Some forms you would not recognise or have the tools to acknowledge from your vantage point, however this is not to say that you cannot be aware of them, but simply that your point of focus must shift in order for you to experience them in what you may refer to as a direct way. That you benefit from all strands of your consciousness is not in doubt. You only have to ask, and those channels of activity will be available to you. With practise this will become an effortless task. Trust what you experience through your inner and outer senses, for the two are most intricately and intimately intertwined. Your ‘outside’ environment gives you many clues as to the nature of your being and your reality. Your inner environment, much freer in its expression is a wealth of knowledge and experience that is as valid and as REAL as the outer.”



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