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No Closed Systems


I’m not sure why I still blog anymore. Since I began two and half years ago, readership on WordPress has almost died a death. Perhaps it’s to do with WP’s new and much maligned interface, or perhaps readers are just being more selective. I dare say it’s a bit of both. That I have any loyal readers at all is a blessing, for what it’s worth. Frankly, unless you are dedicated to a cause these days and prepared to put in the hours of work necessary to do the rounds and keep your readers captivated, i.e. market yourself and also support your existing and potential followers, then it just ends up being a whole load of work for little return. One runs the very real risk of being lost in the seas of obscurity due to sheer weight of numbers perusing the Interwebs these days. There is glut of stuff to stimulate the senses, and attention spans are not what they used to be. Life is complicated as it is.

I’ve already shut down most of my other blogs as they have just sat and gathered dust whether I’ve posted or not. I suppose I’m just going to have to admit that I’ve had my day already, short-lived as it was. What’s laughable is that hardly anyone is going to read this anyway. It’s Friday to boot, so it’s going to be extra quiet. Friday’s always are on WP.

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say, maybe one day I’ll reach the pinnacle of something. The zenith of my own existence where there will be coffee and hot doughnuts waiting (nod to my good friend Argie there).

For now though, if you feel inclined and you are indeed the sole person reading this, then here’s a little something on hypocrisy and collective consciousness:


It is very difficult not to talk about our daily experiences without defaulting to dualities. Me and you, night and day, left and right, right and wrong, good and bad. In fact there is even an expected order of hierarchy in the way that we talk about such dualities, insomuch as light is better than dark, in a similar vein, white is less sinister than black, good is obviously better than bad, and that right is better than wrong, right? Furthermore, in terms of personal address it is You and I, inferring that You have more importance than I do in our interactions. Let’s not forget the duality of Male and Female, and from history we know which has been at the top of the pecking order for longer than anyone can actually remember. This also adds to our penchant for not taking personal accountability for our actions. I mean, is it any surprise that we do that when such importance is placed on You instead of I, we are simply exercising humility that we have been indoctrinated with from birth as the correct course of action, are we not? In being selfless, in observing hierarchies that is, we inadvertently give ourselves carte blanche to be really quite selfish, and uniquely self-serving, being that our social rung is slightly below the rest. We can afford to be so self-focussed while nobody else is noticing. Contradictions seemingly abound.

You might argue that there is a difference between conceptual and factual interpretations of duality, in that night and day, male and female, light and dark are statements of observable fact, and that the others are simply psychological stances. The definitions we use in categorising and ordering our personal experiences are sociocultural affections, that impose expectations on ourselves and those that we interact with throughout our lives. They are learned behaviours that mimic the order of our present social hierarchy that ensures our survival as a species. In being able to discern the difference between you and me, and what is good or bad for us, we ensure that we as individuals maintain a level of importance, indeed superiority amongst our peers as is the fundamental structure of our sociocultural beliefs. Being in charge is favourable. Yet what we as both individuals and a collective culture aspire to is, equality. Oddly. You can see instantly where the contradiction arises, and where possible conflict manifests. We are just not culturally conditioned to be equal at this present juncture. Not one jot. So how do we know that it is what we want, that the utopian and dare I say communist ideal would be favourable over our culturally and self-imposed individuality? Is it just a fad, or is equality actually possible? Does it already exist in certain ways?

According to the likes of Seth and the Sidiris, it does indeed. In fact I have written much about collective consciousness right on this very blog. Yet the concept is a tough one to grasp for anyone so ensconced in the day to day dramas of their lives, as most if not all of us are. Yes, me included. Perhaps what needs to happen is not so much a shift from individuality to equality, but a shift in our awareness of what is possible within our limited human existence, to broaden our awareness full-stop so that we are not so fixated on being so separate from the world that we apparently create from sheer thought alone.

Ah, yes, but doesn’t equality as we understand it infer recognition and respect afforded to all individuals as they currently stand? Do you not see the very clear contradiction that poses? Democracy, indeed equality in that respect is mythical precisely because it goes against the grain of all of our lifelong social conditioning as mentioned above. In fact it goes against our very physical human make-up. It is an illusion in both obvious and non-obvious ways, not invalidly so, but it is a belief structure that we hold onto for dear life. Quite literally, and beliefs as anybody who reads this blog knows, are not immutable. Apparently.

If like me however, you have always been aware that no such separation between people really exists, with the likes of Seth and the Sidiris supporting my own conclusions, then the world is a deeply frustrating place to be in. Interactions with others are fraught with difficulties because of the risk of causing offence due to things that may not be verbally communicated but that to me, and I know to others are indeed quite audible and plain to see. The reality is, as Seth so rightly says, there are no closed systems. Let me repeat that: THERE ARE NO CLOSED SYSTEMS. What does that mean exactly? It means, that all thoughts are accessible, no emotion is hidden, no intent unnoticed, no matter how unverbalised or secretive it is. It means there are no dark or grey areas anywhere at any time. Nothing can remain hidden if you or I have the inclination to discover it, through sheer desire alone I might add. Just by directing your thoughts in a particular way, or on a particular subject we actively make mental connections that bring about the manifestation of physical events wherein what we seek or desire can and IS experienced.

Whether we pay attention to those internal and external signals, messages, or clues or not, or just pass them off as mere coincidence is of course down to us as the individual…(pause to think about that one)…but that we are at all separate in consciousness from one person to the next is a fallacy that we all help perpetuate because it serves our own misguided purposes. Yes, I said misguided. It shields us from potential harm in a world that seeks to inflict harm through hypocrisy, imbalance, and prejudice, by way of controlling the social system. As you can see though, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that will remain unchanged unless we are willing to entertain something else. Time to cut ourselves some slack. Time to stop being so afraid of what we can’t see or what we don’t know. It’s based on sheer stupidity and greed, that’s all. And as the already highly self-aware members of a very vital and real collective consciousness that we are, we are more than capable of creating a more favourable experience all round, just by recognising that we each have the power and ability to change everything by creating better more beneficial patterns of thought. As Seth says: If you tend to your personal corner of the Universe, then the rest of the Universe will heal itself – or words to that effect. If you drop blue ink into a bowl of water, the water turns blue. Similarly if you think restrictive, limiting thoughts then your life experience will reflect just that.

It is difficult to be human without sitting on the fence, without exercising hypocrisy and espousing contradictions that frankly make my head spin much of the time. The dichotomy of seemingly, and to all intents and purposes actually being individual and separate in the world, while knowing otherwise without a doubt is most interesting indeed. Putting it mildly. However, life is not so clear cut. The human experience is a cacophony of ironies and contradictions that make it colourfully rich and audibly vibrant to all our senses. As my good friend John notes, it is a form of vital poetry that is in constant play. If only everyone would notice. But then, life would be different beyond measure. It would alter everything we know and love and hold so dear, although I dare say we would even notice. We would just accept the ‘new’ reality as being completely and utterly normal. As we already do with every physically manifested thought.

Happy Friday!



13 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Just an afterthought…

    1. Whoops–wasn’t done yet–got me some click fever. I’ve only been WPing for 2 years so I can’t speak for the glory days, but it seems to me that there is a lot of dilution–literally millions of pages. I write for myself, because it’s a challenge to come up with something every day–not counting the “cheater” posts of unoriginal content. I think of lot of younger folks are going to twitter, which I think is lame and uninteresting, given the inherent impossibility of nuance in a 140-character form, and photo sites which are nice if you’re not a writer first. I also writer for “the regulars”–not that I have the hubris to think readers are impatiently waiting for my next nugget of wisdom, but because i enjoy the sharing aspect of the exchanges. When I’m away from WP, I miss people whose words I read almost daily. When I’m busy, I feel guilty not reading their pages.

      1. Thing is I’ve always written for myself too, even when my audience was a figment of my imagination. It is true enough to say that until I was 38 years of age hardly anybody had read a word I’d written, much less pass comment, other than to present me with a raised eyebrow or generally blank look. Like you I enjoy the interactions with other fellow bloggers, but I fear you are right that at present there is a lot of focus elsewhere on sites like YouTwitFace (my 11 year old daughter’s term – she’ll go far). This is still the only salient, grown-up method to convey ideas, share rants and such like, and by grown-up I mean genuinely interesting.
        I also get the pangs of guilt you talk about when I neglect good friends of mine and their posts, especially as we writers put so much effort into what we produce. I love your posts btw, you often make me laugh out loud, which is an achievement in itself. Takes a clever soul to be able to pull that off so early in the morning!
        Anyway, I’m glad I still pique your interest with my sporadic efforts. Despite my complaints about WP, I can’t imagine I’ll be vanishing completely any time soon.

  1. If you drop blue ink into a bowl of water, it will indeed turn blue. However, if you’ve not developed enough blue cones in your retina, you’ll never notice the blue. Most of us, through social teaching or sheer will, have excised these “cones” from our psyche. We want equality (some of us), but we simultaneously, secretly want to be more equal than everyone else. I guess social scientists will say that’s because a perceived lack of abundance — i.e., we fight and form cliques so that “our kind” will get the best fruits and all those nasty “thems” have to fight over scraps. Perhaps we’ve learned not to see ourselves as part of whole because that contradicts the physical needs we seek to satisfy.

    But even that’s a fallacy, as socialism demonstrates. The Chinese will attest that Communism works, but socialism doesn’t. You can have absolute control over the thems, but ask them to work hard for the greater good and not themselves, and you’ll never succeed. Them would rather die than work hard to benefit some other them. It is this apartness that defines society, mainly because the very few haves perpetuate the model and serve as its idols. We below the top 1% reject our sameness in the hope that we can be like those demigods we worship. So, we’ll sit in church/temple/mosque and pray that we are blessed. How many of us pray that we are all blessed or that we can see ourselves in the image of those around us? How many pray for understanding a common consciousness? Hell, even we alphas feel superior that we’re not one of the sheeple.

    Who knows? Maybe the sheeple had it right all along.

    1. It’s interesting what you say here. I just wanted to say that I wasn’t ignoring you, it’s just taken me a while to respond.
      I think all of it invariably comes down to your own internal narrative and the kinds of edicts, ideals and beliefs you abide by from day to day, moment to moment even. All I know from my own life experience is that if a premise works, then it’s worth believing in. No one else’s opinion can possibly sway me from my own proof. We can only go by what we experience directly, all else is hearsay until otherwise experienced in a salient way.

    2. I don’t know, I think anything goes in this particular strand of perception that we call life. Nothing is ever as it seems, and no matter what rules are laid down they are always open to interpretation and subject to transience. All rules get broken because all rules are limiting and just don’t suit or serve everyone. They aren’t designed to. I can only accept what I know to be of value to me at this particular moment.

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