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Burano flower art VIntage_MPHIXIt would seem that I have resumed with book dictation after a very long two year break. Freshly squeezed from the metaphysics channel on Radio M. This may even be a new book in itself. Who knows? Thank you Universe for the recent inspiration, your timing is impeccable as ever. Psyche!


The Intimate Presentation of the Soul.

Your life is not just a pretty flower book, a book on the etheric beauties of botany plucked from all corners of the planet you call home, replete with instructions for care and maintenance of such industrious entities that manifest themselves as your native planetary flora. As you open the cover of this botanical manifesto and flick through the pages crammed full of images of weird and wonderful spectacles of nature, you might feel that in amongst the plentiful and colourful representations there lacks a certain degree of depth. That there exists an objectivity that barely scratches the surface of what you understand the true nature of your life to be. As you thumb your way through this abbreviated footnote of one remote aspect of your existence as you have come to know it, you may indeed come to the conclusion that much has been omitted. Purposefully so.
You have an incredible ability to self-edit. To attune yourselves to distinct layers of consciousness that play out certain tunes that only you may know the rhythm to. It may seem at first glance that your life was designed in a specific way, tailor-made if you will to suit your own diabolical inclinations, and to an extent that is the case, given your penchant for continuity. We mention that with humour as we know how sensitive you can be given the climate of cultural understanding with respect to the divergent emphasis that is placed upon positive and negative action, and within which you currently cloak yourselves, and assign your decision making – willingly we might add, with full choice and control of the options you have to hand. Your book of floriform wonderment is cascading with presupposition and subtexts that suggest that your estimations have been wide of the mark, and that at best evoke a contentious reproach to the validity of what you and others alike regard as life. Controversy indeed arises when you realise that you have been the agent of your book’s design as we and others have repeatedly suggested. Rightly so.

What is life?

Your learned scientists believe that it is something that springs forth from a successive line of existence, physical in nature and random in process. Yet turning to page 58 of this great nature-filled tome, you see that much care has been taken in the presentation of images and text, in the structuring of the document that you read before you, and it is important for us to emphasise the notion of ‘reading’ as that is how you attribute meaning to that which you seemingly hold as valid and dear. Information has no meaning without your ability to interpret or ‘read’ it within acceptable parameters. The nature of this treatise before you is substantially different from your awareness of the way in which consciousness manifests around you. Your book contains much knowledge, behind the scenes knowledge that in its own way has brought about the existence of the book, carefully planned and designed with a specific intent in mind. Though your current laws and understanding of physics is inadequately equipped to explain much more than what it is designed to measure, which at present is very little in comparison to the wealth and breadth of possible existence. Consciousness is just as physical as a rock. It has as much mass as an ocean. It lives and breathes as you do. Though it is not separate from you, but is what drives you, and the oceans, and the rocks that pepper your landscapes.

The Flower Garden. Page 21.

The pictures within are your internal barometer. They inform you of decisions that are being made in the absence of your working conscious’ participance. You are given instruction on many aspects of your life that in retrospect may seem random and unrelated to events as you believe you experience them. Life as you know it however, is an abstract collection of ideas that through the ingenuity of your physically conscious processes knit together in a way that allows you to perceive a semblance of continuity that viewed from other points of focus may indeed seem discordant and unrelated. Page 21 and 58 are not immediately related, though your brain is most adept at filling in the gaps and informing you that the book within which these pages are a part is the sense of continuity you seek. Pages 21 and 58 are unrelated. They are in and of themselves complete and valid as individual gestalts. Each page represents a book in its own right. The function of the brain then is to interconnect the value of experience in a cohesive manner that the physically aligned point of focus can adopt with ease. Your book however, is no more than a slide-show of unrelated events that belie a greater sense of creativity that is not so clearly and uniformly designed. Each page, each image is a front cover, a significant, but purely representative clue of the wider energies that form the patterns of your particular flavour of consciousness. Each image is quite literally a portal to another dimension of your possible existence, each unfolding anew in accordance with your perception of linear time.
Each page in your book is a layer of possible meaning, of potential encapsulated in condensed form. A candlestick is not just a candlestick, it is an accumulation of perceptive filters that allows you to perceive what may be termed as raw energy in a form that has meaning, and that has a specific purpose. You do not ordinarily perceive however that the candlestick may, and does indeed have its own agenda. That the consciousness contained within its very atoms and protons have the same impetus to experience itself as you do or indeed the flowers in your book do. The candlestick however, operates at a different rate of frequencies that may give you the impression that it is inert and lifeless, that its purpose is pre-designed and singular, and that its very existence is a collaboration of human skill working with natural resources and materials synthesised to make a product that is able to perform a specific function. You do not see therefore, the real and very valid nature of a candlestick that is constructed from conscious intent to experience itself in certain regards as a candlestick, but that is no more beholden to its apparent physical form than you, neither is its experience any less significant than your own.
Your own interrelationship with the physical world around you is implemented through space/time awareness, through an understanding of cause and effect, however, in your rudimentary understanding of linear time, it would seem natural enough that one thing must follow the other, that the next moment springs forth from the previous. Yet grasping time in a tangible way is much like trying to catch individual grains of sand with a fork as they pass through the hourglass figure of your contrived notions of what constitutes reality. Your perception of time in its seemingly infallible logic is riddled with inconsistency, and a haphazard schedule that would keep even the most cognisant of entities on their subjective hypothetical toes. We do not seek to ridicule you, but rather help loosen the shackles of your indoctrinated beliefs that in their wake shape the very fabric of your ability to perceive, and to read the magnificent book of wonders that you are, in a way that might actually be of real value to you were you able to adjust your conscious filters even just a little bit.
Neither is our intent to make a mockery of your very full comprehension of your life as you yet know it, but rather to enlist your perceptive abilities and sense of imagination and creativity and set them on paths unexplored and forgotten. There is adventure written in the pages of a good book, a sense of discovery that can only be explored and experienced through engaging with the content, through immersion and a willingness to be open to new information. Any manifestation of life requires full and willing participation on that part of the consciousness that resides within its form.

Awareness is like a rubber band, elastic and pliable. It can stretch to accomplish certain feats of perception that add a sense of flow and continuity to an otherwise set of seemingly random events that taken out of context would lack cohesion. We are staying within your current parameters of linear time so that you may comprehend the nature of your own thought processes.

It is most difficult to explain the fluidity of your conscious focus when like the bountiful plants within your book you are so firmly rooted to the ground. Gravity is a perceptive filter than defines experience in very determinate ways, though it is a stable as the breezes that blow. It is a nebulous as a cloud that from a distance appears more solid, and would appear to have form. Your sense of physical mass has little to do with the laws of physics as is currently proposed, and most heavily theorised over. Indeed current perceptions are shifting as focus and intent are shifting, and new ways of thinking are explored in order to innovate and create new social gestalts. Newton’s law and Einstein’s theory of relativity are being revised as new data is introduced into the maelstrom of human ingenuity and possibility. As questions are being asked, so new data, new information is being processed and created from the deep recesses of a very powerful imagination that in its collective endeavours unites physical evolution and brings about very important shifts in consciousness and the way in which it chooses to manifest.


12 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – The Vintage Self

      1. Not “waited,” rather fomenting. Such things require time to align themselves, to gather the energy necessary to make real. A potter doesn’t dream an urn into being, she must assemble the clay first, right?

        Hey, that’s poetic!! Must be Friday… Wine day 🙂

      2. I suppose my dilemma is in knowing how to organise the material. I was just telling Bill that I have enough material to constitute a fair chunk of a tome in itself. I had a book layout that I was working on a couple of years ago, but as that too was channelled I was as much in the dark about the process as anybody! I know it’s taken me this long to feel confident enough that I can just churn it out. Like you say, maybe now is the right time for this.
        Did you say wine…? 🙂

      3. 🙂

        Just call them “sessions” for starters, like Roberts did. Or some other word which means the same thing. That way you’re free of having to shape the thoughts into some pigeonhole.

      4. Sound advice. You’re right. It would seem like the obvious thing to do. When I think of it there are few metaphysics book of this ilk out there. Too many are prescriptive I think, appealing to a certain select readership. I’m very much with Roberts on this one, in that this material is for everyone. Look at me and my Friday-idealism! 🙂

  1. Given all the conversations we’ve had, frankly this reads as a great introductory chapter to me. There are a number of concepts raised her that will be new to many readers and that others will want explored. That doesn’t mean you have to wrap the entire book around just these concepts, but maybe that’s one organizational device. You can broach concepts in these “master” tomes (which also mean pieces, by the way) and then (hopefully) channel or write individual pieces that explain or expound upon them.

    I suppose I’m sort of seeing a book as a collaboration with you as the author serving as interpreter and spokesperson. But John is right: if people are interested in the subject matter, you don’t really have to organize it into non-fiction-like chapters. You can simply write them and, at most, group similar subjects in loose sections or any other way that leaves it pleasing to read.

    The key is you want them to read.I say just write the damned things and worry about organizing them later. The only thing you have to figure out first is there anything in particular that you, Sid, and Iris need to say. You’ll say it brilliantly, and those who need to read it will find it.

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