The Daily Channel – Good Medicine

This is one of my most favourite songs ever, it is epic, an act of musical genius. I thought it was a good accompaniment to the channelled piece below, which is fairly epic in its own implications. Enjoy!

“Empty as life can be, it is simply not enough to say it is not full. In our pedantic efforts to make you perk up and listen to the passing of your own thoughts, we will always implore you to consider the very way in which your imagination plays an important part in the unfolding of events that you call your moment to moment existence. We speak in terms of an all expansive awareness despite your very homely pin-point focus. You are so accustomed to this particular radio station of yours that the ingenuity of your life’s quite seamless design fails to grab your attention. The moment to moment passing of time is mundane, boring at times, as you wait for more exciting events to fill the gaps in between. That you breathe and think in the very confined spaces that you do is a wonder to us. Your laughter is exciting as with it great energy is generated, and much can be done with such energy. As you are so fond of saying: laughter is good medicine. Allowing your mind to wander and process complex thoughts is also good medicine.”



24 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Good Medicine

  1. I love this one. It’s a really good reminder to have every day. Maybe we should put this little paragraph on a poster.

    This also brought to mind the John Lennon quote: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Of course, Sid & Iris are right (by the way, I’m picturing them as a 1960s singing duo – Sid with a Beatles cut and Iris will a mop of black hair). We spend our lives looking for life to happen when we should be creating it.

      1. Remember I have the George Bernard Shaw quote in my bathroom: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” I think that’s the same idea, but I ain’t in love with George.

      1. I appreciate you pointing it out, the curse of all of us writers unfortunately. It’s easy to get a little editing blind, and thus I’m ever grateful if someone is able to spot what I clearly miss, despite my own rigorous efforts. So thank you again. πŸ™‚

  2. really interesting voice and music in the song – and it paired nicely with the paragraph – something to chew on to appreciate life
    – oh and I skimmed the comments and noted the “editing blindness” whew / so true so true – and I think all the more so with autocorrect and phones that predict – hmmm

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