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You may notice as a point of interest how I began writing this piece in the first person, but how very quickly my conscious focus shifts and the tell-tale ‘we’ creeps in, usurping what I thought might end up being a work of fiction…well I suppose that is a matter of opinion. However, when considering any information, whether seemingly factual or fictional I find it is always useful to ask yourself whether it enhances your personal experience, if it does then it has served a very valuable purpose. Indeed, giving yourself permission to explore your imagination and the realms of possibility is probably the most valuable thing you will ever do, as was the theme of my post yesterday. This following piece was the first real book work I’d done in almost two years. I didn’t post it first, because as is the case with most of these posts they are stand alone pieces. I have yet to work out how to organise it all.



Anvils and Aardvarks

“In the beginning there were only two things that needed to be remembered. One was to self-aggrandise, the second was to become aware of self as an entity in its own right. The beginning of humanity was a thought form that became manifest through a need to be expressive in distinct ways, distinct that is from the mind that consciousness had created. Consciousness was ill at ease with the redundancy of its own state, it needed to explore its own potential in a way that allowed it to self-reflect. The human was a natural ‘evolution’ if you will from consciousness having desired that experience of self-admiration. Indeed, the whole of physical existence, of which humans form a part was that desire made manifest. There was nothing accidental or random about it, in much the same way that a dream evolves, and unfolds through its experiencing, so physical reality exists, and to all intents and purposes came into existence, despite that our current perception of time is a heavily distorted interpretation of its origin. One begets the other, and vice-versa. You’d think such a statement would cancel itself, however, in order to begin to comprehend the workings of our hive mind, to use a popular pulp-fiction term, we must understand that nothing is quite as it seems, and that everything, and we emphasise that word, EVERYTHING is possible.
In terms of human evolution it would seem that you have been here for a very long time. WE have been here for a very long time. But that beingness through the measurement of duration through space is not entirely representative of the origins of humanity, and/or of physical life as you understand it. We have not ‘endured’ any more than we can be termed ancient; the consciousness or ‘hive’ mind of which all physical experience is a vital part is very much alive and well and very current. Indeed we are not ‘old’ at all, for our sense of existence cannot be measured in terms that you would currently comprehend. In fact, there is no ‘we’, but we understand that it is a term that you can relate to in a way that functions as a mnemonic. In saying ‘we’, YOU understand that you are not singular. You are not an island unto yourself, but part of something greater than you currently believe yourself to be. ‘We’ understand that You must adjust your thinking before you can begin asking the right questions in seeking the experiences you wish to have. Time as you currently understand it serves a purpose, but it too is a quirk if you like, of physical reality. You cannot help but discover such things (the concept of time), and in so doing define them in terms that are salient and applicable to the life that you all think you know. Animals, trees, creatures of the sea, and even creatures and beings that inhabit your planet that are invisible to your eyes and senses all have a perception of time, in their own fashion, due to the nature of their physical construct. However, your physical forms are not fixed, they are in constant flux, and your conscious awareness moves in and out of its environment as easily as you might move from one dream state to another. You, the self that you currently identify with is fluid in its movement, and you travel through time, through space, literally and figuratively all of the time. That you are not aware of your own comings and goings is a matter of choice, and hence a matter of perception. You simply choose to be unaware, because often it does not serve your very insular purpose.
The moment you become aware of your thought processes, messages have already been activated, pathways brought into focus, and other like-minds alerted. To your surprise it would seem almost coincidental that you might then meet such like minds, through a fluke of nature perhaps, but because you are generally unaware of the processes that have been in place, you do not recognise the degree of your participation in bringing about those events. The same is true for all parties involved, any meeting between two or more individuals is a pre-planned event for wont of a better term, in that all involved chose to become aware of such an experience simultaneously. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well the egg of course in order to maintain consistency with your current perception of time, however, both were a simultaneous expression of a desire to experience a version of consciousness. Your perceptions of linear continuity play havoc with your desire to understand, or experience yourselves. You tie yourselves in knots, and spend years trying to unpick them again in an effort to gain cognition of something that you are aware of at all levels all of the time. That you choose to forget is a byproduct of your specific engineering. Do not blame the biology for entrapping you, or for limiting the potential of your experiences as it too is a masterful representation of its circumstances as brought about by the conditions of your chosen physical environment. Your engineering as we might term it is in reference to the type of shoe that you are, for example. This hypothetical shoe fits you in a certain way. Or rather, YOU fit within IT. You adjust your non-corporeal consciousness to fit within its confines, which automatically dictates a certain kind of experience, although you are not restricted by it in any way that you might hold as being relevant. You are free to leave, and to dress in different shoes, and indeed outfits at your leisure, and you do even without the permission of your current point of focus.
At any one point there are many layers of consciousness, of your consciousness operating. You function at multiple levels if you will, at every moment. With every inhalation and exhalation you are quite literally forming experience, entire planets and universes, quite independently it might seem from your current experience as the physical beings you deem yourselves to be. You breathe life. You breathe consciousness.

The interconnectedness you feel with others is brought about through careful planning, albeit that in a non-linear sense, such a fusion is instantaneous. But in order that you might comprehend the intensity of such connections, we use your terminology with regards to your understanding of linear time. To you, the longer something has seemingly existed, the more emphasis and importance you place on it, generally speaking. So what we wish to convey through using your terminology, is the ‘importance’, or the validity of such connections and experiences. You would be better suited to understanding your current reality in terms of patterns of thought, of intensity of frequency. Think of your current waking consciousness, or the activity of the brain to be rather like a radio able to tune into different radio stations or frequencies at your leisure. Some stations or frequencies are much clearer and stronger, those that are the most similar, or that match your own frequency of understanding. All else might sound like static noise because you are simply not attuned to those stations. The equipment dictates to a certain extent the nature of the experiences it is capable of having. A radio only equipped to pick up certain frequencies will simply not pick up others. You might therefore see it as a filter that is limited by its very design. The brain is a very complex filter that by its design is only built to deal with certain sense-data. The equipment can only operate within its own limitations. However, as no thing is fixed in its apparent state, this notion is arbitrary and only serves to clarify certain aspects of your experience. Your consciousness, or let us say that stuff that makes you tick, to use another popular expression, is not contained within your brain. Nor is it solely contained within your body, but is part of a much broader network of communicative experience of which all physical and non-physical realities are a part.

You can become aware of much if you simply ask the question. If your desire is to understand more than you currently believe you know. Nothing is out of bounds, EVERYTHING is possible.


The Crab and the Human

Cells multiply. They form new cells, offspring that are brought about by a desire to grow in a certain fashion that is shaped by a desire to experience consciousness in a certain fashion. The nucleus of every cell is a hub of information that is in constant communication with its source. It is a pre-programmed and programmable centre of sense data that is then translated into many copies of itself, so that literally within every cell the power of conscious awareness is in operation. The many facets of possible and potential experience available to any given cell is multiplied in its application to form. Although despite the over all form those cells may take, each cell still operates independently of the other in many respects as it is perfectly self-sufficient. In other terms you might say that consciousness divides itself into microscopic components that as a whole work to provide a very strong and sustainable framework that is designed to have very specific experiences. However, at no point is consciousness isolated. Thus it can be found at the microscopic and the macroscopic scales operating with the same level of intensity and focus.

Relationships are like births in that the process of their development is much the same as that of a singular cell that through interaction with others cells bonds and grows into a particular form, that to all intents and purposes is shaped by the intent that called it into being, through a desire of consciousness to experience itself in a certain fashion. The beginning of a relationship between two people for example, is the physical manifestation of a specific intent. It may seemingly take time to come into being, in much the same way it takes time for a seed to germinate and grow into a flower, or indeed for a foetus to grow into a baby. And like the young seedling or baby, new relationships need to be nurtured so that they thrive. However, as a plant needs water and nutrients, so a relationship needs nutrients that are composed of valued experience. The generation of positive energy is a key factor in the survival of all physical manifestations. Physical form thrives on being valued and thus given purpose within your linear framework. Without that sense of value, of ‘love’ in other words, then the form dies and seemingly ceases to be. It reverts to type and finds recourse for valued self-expression in other ways. When the physical form stops serving a purpose it ceases to be, or so it would seem in your very specific terms.

The nature of your experiences, and we frame that in the plural for the reasons we mentioned above, in that you are experiencing multiple points of focus all of the time, the nature of your experiences is defined by your perception of events. Perception according to your current logic begins within your mind. It is a non-physical event in those terms. It appears as inspiration, coming forth from the deep recesses of your imagination as a desire to know or experience something. Something may have sparked that moment of inspiration, or it may have appeared to you unbidden. Yet your perception of the physical body you inhabit and of the world around you cannot occur without first your imagination providing the input and the ignition if you like. Thought is action, and physical action is the physical manifestation of that thought. Thought however, has its own very real, valid, and fully conscious impetus, we apply emphasis so that you comprehend clearly the concept we are attempting to convey. Indeed the fact that you experience and acknowledge a thought is an indicator that certain patterns or frequencies of consciousness have been activated as we outlined above. It is possible then, to some extents, to trace the nature of that thought, or its intended pathways by allowing yourself to be aware of the images, sounds, sensations, smells that it conjures for you, for these things are clues that will unfold, and develop into an expanded state of awareness, in other words you will be able to see the bigger picture. With more awareness and applied focus such thoughts become solid, and tangible in ways that your physical nature can interact with and comprehend on terms that are more acceptable. However, distortion occurs due to the nature of the perceptive equipment.
For example, you may find yourself thinking about a particular individual, possibly someone you haven’t thought of in a while, an old friend or distant relative, perhaps somebody new. Your acknowledgement of that thought is a clue that processes have been in operation beneath the veil of your usual awareness, so that in effect it would appear to you that there might have been a delayed reaction from conception to acknowledgement. The other person in question will also be experiencing certain thoughts pertaining to you simultaneously, with the resultant action occurring as a phone call, or message, or perhaps even a meeting in person seemingly out of the blue. There are simply no coincidences, events are brought into physical manifestation because of a conscious impetus to experience things in that fashion. You create your own reality as you think and breathe. It is a highly interactive experience that you and your fellow physical beings experience together. That you do not notice the seamless operation of thought into physical form is of little consequence, but is distinctive of the ingenuity of your experience as the literal embodiment of consciousness.
There are many non-corporeal forms that inhabit your particular plane of existence, yet you do not perceive them as clearly as you might another of similar physical form as your own. Every thought, every movement, every cell, has an electromagnetic presence, a signature if you will that in your time framework leaves traces as it passes through your perceptive experience. As the wind is invisible but can be felt in its passing, so do these electromagnetic signatures colour and shape your experiences in ways that you are not usually aware, but that with practise can be perceived through your usual physical waking awareness. Consciousness is not a state of the waking mind. Nor is it reserved for bipedal creatures. Without consciousness, there is simply no physical reality to experience. One does not exist without the other. Sentience is not reserved for humans alone. Sentience is an acknowledgement of consciousness. A crab on the seabed is conscious of its own existence in a way that compels it to experience itself in that way. It can be said that it is as sentient as it needs to be given its chosen manifested form. The quality of its life however, is not diminished by its lack of verbal communication, or its seeming inability to interact with humans in ways that humans might be able to measure. Humans are not the measuring stick for all physical life. They are an asset to physical life, though physical life does not spring forth from the human perception. A human exists because the crab exists. It is a simultaneous gesture of consciousness seeking to experience itself within such parameters.
Furthermore, your imagination is not limited to physical-style thought forms alone. You are capable of being aware of a vast array of experiences that are quite divorced from the familiar physical experience. In this way your ability to participate and communicate across planes of reality is as salient and as real, in all respects, as your picking up the phone and making what you might deem as direct contact with a friend. Your thoughts, thought forms in general, reverberate, sending electromagnetic pulses through the very ingenious fabric of consciousness and thus existence as it can be comprehended through your imagination. Everything is possible all of the time, and in any way conceivable.

The more playful you are, the more open and receptive you will be to new information and to exploring wider aspects of your consciousness.”


8 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – The Anvil and the Aardvark

  1. For example, you may find yourself thinking about a particular individual, possibly someone you haven’t thought of in a while, an old friend or distant relative, perhaps somebody new.

    Ha! Was pondering this commonly recognised occurrence just yesterday. One way was the way you have explained. The second, as some sort of echo reaching back through the conscious stream. The third, registering a “hit” while ignoring all the “misses,” making the event stand out as something seemingly special.

    1. I suppose all are potentially possible. I think whatever serves the best purpose, and gives you a sense of validation, or value. The trick of all of this is that the words are not important but the ideas they generate, and thus the value you get from expanding your awareness in creative ways. Thanks for reading, John. Your feedback is always invaluable. 🙂

      1. John makes a good point, though. It makes me think of John Edward. There was so much focus on all his misses, it made you question whether any of the hits were ever real. But then I think of when my sister and I were close and I’d call every time she was eating fried chicken, from 2300 miles away. I was always “aware” of when she did, and though I’m sure I missed a lot of chicken eating, I never got the vibe and was wrong. Now, I couldn’t do it if I tried.

        Maybe there is a mechanism but we are so bad at using it as to almost be random. What sucks is that the misses will always overwhelm the hits, in our minds and others. I “heal” myself, but then when it doesn’t work the next time, I no longer believe I did it in the first place.

      2. Right. That’s a good point, you both address an important part of how limiting beliefs can curb our enthusiasm. I will always err on the side of positivity, and the hits, because to me the misses mean I am not as Attu end as I wish to be with my greater consciousness.

  2. Q: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A: It depends on when you think the chicken became a chicken or when an egg became an egg.

    A few (random) comments follow. 1. Brilliant. 2. Since I know you intimately, I can say that the I vs. we aspect is sometimes vaguely apparent, but only because I know what you believe. The writing is seamless, and I can’t really detect any separation in tone. 3. I’ve begun editing, because it helps me focus when I’m reading. I have trouble concentrating when my brain doesn’t have a <job. 4. I Got the humans and crabs reference, but missed the Anvils and Aardvarks, unless it’s because they come at the beginning of the dictionary.

    “Hehehehehe. He said, “Dictionary. Dick shun airy.”
    “Shut up, Beavis.”

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