The Daily channel – The Sidiris on the Subject of Stress

The Sidiris is a group entity that I have been channelling for the past couple of years now. There was a distinct shift back in 2013 when the singular voices that I would hear within the scope of my conscious awareness stopped referring to themselves in the first person. On the rare occasion I would tap into a group of entities that I would imagine and quite tangibly feel within the room as giant beings, ever looking down on me with utter fondness and equally giant smiles, and they would always refer to themselves in the third person. The shift that occurred for me was an expansion of inner awareness, and as such a distinct change in the nature of the material that I received, at least that’s how it felt to me. I was being invited to view and thus experience the nature of my reality in more dynamic ways. It was as if I were being stretched all of a sudden in all directions, not all too comfortable a feeling either. It actually felt as though my brain were being stretched out of its casing. However, as I attempted to ease myself out of my apparently tight confines in order to adjust to my new conscious arena, the Sidiris introduced themselves in a most eloquent and elegant way in a post I published shortly after: ‘Meeting the Sidiris’. The nature of my channelled pieces have changed considerably since then, and they flow with almost no effort, whereas before my own sense of apprehension would often get in the way.

The fact that I don’t channel this material as often as I could is on me, but as they keep reminding me, the material is always there, all I have to do is ask. Often though it is difficult for me to know what to ask, so I will sit and begin to write whatever it is I happen to be feeling at the time. As such, the responses are personal at times, as was the case below, however, the material is still pertinent and relevant to others, I think, so I have chosen to share it here as something tells me that it will resonate for some.

The following piece was in response to my own personal observations about stress as a human condition. There were a few entities who took it in turns to speak to me, as indicated by the speech marks. The introduction in italics is an excerpt from my own private observations during that sitting.


In refusing to feel stress, you have to divest yourself of much. What you don’t need becomes all too apparent. However, as human life is so full of others seeking to control you with definitive rules, it is difficult to be free of stress completely. It becomes a game of dodging bullets, of avoiding potential conflicts at the cost of further damaging valuable relationships. It says that a relationship can only exist if there is tension. It says that being human is inherently stressful. To be free of the stress and pain is to be free of the humanity.

“You understand now why we insist on helping you, in order to free up your mind, and to prevent the accumulation of what you would consider negative thought patterns. You create your own reality, but you do not audit your behaviour in a way that would alleviate the stresses of the choices that you make within your human disguise. You are living the experiences you create from moment to moment, breath to breath. There is no apparent delay between thought, and manifestation of that thought. The simultaneous nature of your experience, as thought becoming reality, is the gap that you need to bridge in your own thinking processes in order to free yourself to think in more creative and expansive ways.
Relationships come and go, and they change according to your particular needs within any given moment. A piano may be played with one hand, but in tandem with another hand, many more harmonies and possibilities are available. As the keys that are played change, so the music that is formed changes. The melody is in a constant state of reinvention, limited only by the potential of the instrument itself.
Your relationships are like symphonies, concertos comprising many components and musicians playing. Any discordance is merely a decision to change the tune, so to speak, to reinvent the song further so that portions of it are more melodic and thus expressive of the artistic intent behind it.
Your children are playing their own symphonies, part of their own orchestration of selfhood, of which you may play parts in the ever changing melody of their lives.
You limit yourself to set patterns of thought and thus behaviour, and so your moment to moment experience is expressive of that. Your life happens in ‘real time’ to put it in terms you may better understand. There is no rehearsal: you think, therefore you are.

Your recent plights to the universe are indeed greater portions of your selfhood, those parts that you would not normally consider to be within your field of waking awareness, pushing past your filters and encouraging you to think in perhaps more beneficial ways. You may feel as though you, from your human perspective, are creating those thoughts. Indeed it must appear difficult to believe otherwise when such thoughts are so prominent within your immediate awareness. Think then of the other thoughts and experiences that are within your immediate awareness when you dream, for example.
When you dream, do such thoughts and experiences feel to you to be less ‘real’ than those you entertain within your waking experience? In fact, what is it that tells you that you are awake at all?
Both are different states of conscious awareness that are equally valid in terms of the value that they impart to the psyche of your very current and chosen point of focus, whether dreaming, awake, or otherwise.
The severity of your focus within any given experience, and we mean to imply that there is caution to be observed when defining the validity and thus reality of any such experience, is precisely the indicator of validity that you so crave, as it naturally excludes and precludes that which does not fall within its peculiar frame of reference.
Within the dreaming state experiences are more lucid than your current experience as a physically awake and aware human being. There is a greater level of acceptance at that part of conscious awareness than you currently afford yourself.
The limitations that are part of the package, so to speak, of your waking experience are what cause the confusion and pain. The rules that you adhere to and quite willingly create prevent you from exploring your conscious experience in ways that may be of greater benefit to you in the immediacy of the moment. We urge you therefore, to loosen your reigns, to allow yourself to breathe with ease, and to allow creativity, and ingenuity to flood back into your mind and your body as easily and as lucidly as you would within your dreaming state. Allow yourself to entertain wild ideas that break with the conventions that you so insist upon adhering to. The power of thought is a powerful force indeed.

If you can think your way past an obstacle, then you are free to explore beyond its limitations with very ‘real’ effect. The fear you might feel is as restrictive as a solid brick wall before you. You see, the limitations you place upon your perception of reality becomes manifest in quite tangible terms. This may seem like a fanciful observation to some, however, look around you and you will see walls perhaps and other quite physical obstructions that limit your capability to see beyond or through their structures. You might indeed convince yourself that you are unable to see beyond them due to your current beliefs in science, however, such beliefs are only as valid as the validity you place in them. It is quite possible to see beyond a seemingly solid object, or to tap into the consciousness that comprises and forms the gestalt of the object or obstacle that you so insist upon accepting in such staunch terms.

Your mind is your vehicle of exploration, and we do not mean this in terms of whimsy or fantasy. This is not an exercise in amusing yourself at the expense of your sanity. Your mind is not contained within the vehicle of your physical body. It, like your body is composed of the same conscious impetus that creates all that you experience within your framework of accepted reality. The mind therefore, can travel through and beyond the accepted realm of a solid object, equally, it can travel beyond a limiting belief or mindset in quite productive ways. We do not differentiate between either, as both notions are based upon subjective experience. Simply put, you experience separation and thus limitation because you choose to do so. If you were to accustom yourselves to the notion that your mind is free to explore all potential manifestations of reality, then you would soon accept that those limitations were fanciful and not real. Your manifested reality according to the needs of your chosen point of conscious focus would reflect your beliefs accordingly. Solid and immovable objects, and equally states of fear would not appear to be the definitive obstacles that you currently believe them to be.

You are more than adept at controlling and allowing your reality to unfold in any direction that you wish. Your current limitations within your physical waking awareness, based upon the limiting beliefs that you hold, seemingly do not allow you to perceive your reality in more expansive ways, as might be possible within other states of consciousness. Yet your thoughts do not originate within the human form. They are part of the patterns of your greater consciousness, experiencing itself with freedom and ease, and limitless potential.
Allow your mind to wander, allow it the freedom to entertain new and inspiring thoughts. It is a spontaneous act of huge merit, in that the benefits to your over all well-being and happiness are immeasurable. Such innovations in thinking ripple outwardly and inwardly benefiting not only you, but all of consciousness.”

“Within the human gestalt, there is always the risk of exclusion at the cost of inclusion. However, if you broaden your perceptive experience through allowing your mind to explore all possibilities at your disposal, then the dynamic changes, and what you then deem as important and valid is changed.

All portions of consciousness matter. All are valid and salient and worthy of recognition and praise. Your children are within your immediate field of perceptive experience, so your bond with them appears to be more strong and thus more meaningful than it might with children you have never met, for instance. Yet you have been parent to many children, are parent to many children in many probable variations of reality. The love that these other portions of your selfhood have for their children is just as strong and intense as the love you have for your own children in the here and now that you accept as salient and real. You’ve had dreams of some of these other portions of your selfhood, other lives under different circumstances with fully formed memories and emotional attachments that at times have left you feeling bereft upon waking. At those times your awareness has encompassed more than you currently allow yourself to experience in terms of your greater conscious capabilities.
You are correct in your evaluation, that having all of those memories, being aware of more than just yourself would be taxing indeed. However, as you have experienced in some of your dream states, it is possible to be aware of several incarnations of selfhood without it seeming alien. You have at these moments quite happily accepted that your perceptions are valid. They have not seemed strange or impossible. Yet all it took was a slight shift in conscious focus. You dream with ease. You dream with eyes open as you go about your daily affairs. Whether you choose to be aware of these extraneous activities is entirely up to you, and reliant upon the current perceptive filters, or beliefs that you put in place.

“I cannot see through this solid wall”, is a belief expressed as an undeniable certainty. However, such certainty is based upon a belief that is deeply rooted in a need to conform to the norms of your current social practices. There are of course wider implications in the forming of such social beliefs that are part of the collective patterns of consciousness that form the psyche of your current reality. There is a shared agreement amongst those that people and inhabit your sphere of experience. It would not be unusual then for you to meet others of a like mind, who like you are willing to explore the potentials of their own reality, but who are tentative in releasing their more limiting beliefs for fear of being ridiculed.

You intuition is a good measure for the potential of your consciousness within the current limitations of your current point of focus. If you feel within yourself that something is possible, that you could walk through the solid wall, then it is a potential that is being realised and manifested in some way that is salient and beneficial to you. We have said to you before that if your intent is on performing parlour tricks in order to impress yourself or others, then that is all you will experience. However, in freeing and thus expanding your awareness through allowing your mind to bypass the seemingly impossible, which it will do with ease, with imagination, you will quite tangibly create experiences that express that creativity in ways beneficial to you and others, even within your current field of limitations.

Big steps are required in order to fulfil dreams, although the actions themselves may seem small.”


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