The Daily Channel – Emotional Storms, and Limited Free Will.

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As ever with these channeled pieces they address whomever is reading them. They will have relevance in part or in their entirety to you personally. It is based on the premise, as explained by these entities in many a post listed here on this blog, and in the writings of others, that we attract events and information that is most relevant to us at any given moment, providing us with an opportunity to learn and expand our awareness of the nature of our personal realities. Nothing is incidental or accidental. Public information is still part of our personal reality. If we are perceiving and experiencing something, then it is relevant to us in most significant ways. In this article The Inner Counsel explains in further detail how this process works.

Conversations With the Inner Counsel

When you fixate upon a problem, you fixate upon it’s actualisation, the ‘What if’ scenarios that prepare you for dealing with a potential event. You actualise forces around you that allow for the event to occur in real-time, that is to say in ways that are communicable to your current form and point of focus.
We as one do not applaud or condone such behaviour, for we see how dangerous it can be to your momentary evolution. You have within your grasp to achieve many things by simply redirecting your thoughts along more positive avenues of actualisation. Yet despite our guidance, you choose yet to continue along ever destructive paths. You believe yourself to be predisposed in a certain fashion, to enact behaviours that you know to be detrimental to your own well-being. You therefore attract like forces that help reinforce your burgeoning state of mind.
Now we are aware that yours is a collective endeavour. We are indeed a part of that. However, your contribution, despite adherent influences, is just as forceful or, put another way, just as responsible for the landslide of emotions that seem to wash over you with growing frequency.

Our words are part of your internal reverie and should be a clue as to how to redirect your more positive desires.

You think of us as embodying something resembling a physical human form, though we know no such existence in our current terms, though some of us may have been acquainted thus, either through personal time-line experience, or through association with entities such as yourself, which also includes those other portions of which your Self is composed. Your identification with us as being similar in form or composition to your current perception of physical Selfhood is a way in which you seek solace from our influences and guidance. Yet we form the greater, more expansive part of your consciousness that cannot be viewed in its entirety from your current point of focus. There are nuances within our messages that are not heard or experienced in ways that you may currently decipher or comprehend. However, we ask that you simply trust that we do all that we can to help you form your own actualisations of Self in such ways that you can immediately relate to, and feel a sense of accomplishment from. The preservation of your individuality is a significant endeavour. It adds significant value to your experience, and the experience of your over all collective identity.

Any tangent can be followed and lead to a revelatory experience, in that patterns of events will automatically develop along whichever line you decide to focus upon.
There are no closed systems because that would imply that there are parameters of experience that remain ever invisible to your perceptions. There are no such parameters, even if you are not at all times aware that there are none. Any line of reasoning will bear fruit if pursued in earnest. The nature of your reality requires that every possible avenue of exploration remain ever open and subject to the flux of emotions and thoughts that you have at your disposal through the auspices of the imagination. Now, the imagination is your portal, or connection if you will to your creative capabilities, and indeed your greater awareness, or existence. Put in other terms: the parts of you that are not conforming to a physical expression of self.
That you decide there should be parameters within your experience, as a container has parameters that allow for containment of things separate from the container itself, is your very physical human perception and reasoning capabilities wishing to exercise understanding in a way that to a degree is an oversimplification of possible outcomes, and indeed the physics of your reality. These containment fields, for they are not as solid as they may at first seem, are points of reference that allow you to identify and operate within your current dimensions in a way that is conducive to your wider social collaborations. However, the parameters that you currently perceive as being solid and immutable, hard physical facts, are very much a product of your current streams and patterns of beliefs that govern and direct your age/era. Solidity is a state of mind, though such states have less integrity taken out of your current perceptive mood.

Electromagnetic interference occurs when two or more opposing forces relay patterns of polarity that transfer meta data at a similar rate. The over all charge increases exponentially and a storm occurs, both in emotional and physical terms, for the two are inseparable in terms of definition. Your experience of both the emotional and physical storm may not occur concurrently, there may indeed appear to be a lapse in time or distance and location. However, the clue to their interrelation should be obvious in that an awareness of both may well be within your immediate field of perception. You may, for example, be experiencing personal emotional turmoil and for that sentiment to be echoed by a news event that has been brought to your awareness. Everything within your field of perception, within your scope of moment to moment awareness is in this way linked and interrelated. You can only pull into your field awareness that which is directly relevant to your personal and collective evolution, however you wish to interpret that, it is still personal to you, and individually tailored to your requirements. Much can be learned by observing the proponents of your surroundings and the events that occur within your particular sphere of reality, much that is, about your own personal beliefs and abilities.

You can write a book, or books if you have an inclination to sit and write. You can paint pictures if you have an inclination to pursue such a line of enquiry. Your enquiry being whether you are able to manifest and create in real terms a book of merit and quality, or the paintings that you see within your imagination … The focussing of your intent, in whichever direction you choose will always yield results. An important aspect to remember when conducting creative experiments … You seemingly create something out of nothing by pursuing a certain line of enquiry: What happens if I try this?
Because you pursue this line of enquiry within fairly wide margins, in that you know the tools that you have available and the latent possibilities for creativity that they will allow you, you give yourself free-reign within those parameters. As contradictory as that may sound to your very reasonable mind, you also understand that your scope need not be as wide as complete free will implies in order for you to create and experience something of worth and value, both for yourself and others.
Your very human terms, such as ‘free will’, are often too simplistic, and therefore taken too literally. Without a full understanding of the nature of your reality you are ill equipped from your current perspective to comprehend the reach of such concepts. You do not have free will because it would seem that there are many controls and measures in place creating and maintaining structure within your lives. Yet it would also appear that within the scope of your current limitations, however they are manifest, you are indeed able to achieve much and to move around with relative freedom. Free will implies that you are not beholden to any system of control, according to your current social reasoning. Though it is simply a means to express what you are capable of within your given parameters. Absolutes within your current frame of perception are an impossibility because there are too many opposing forces that maintain a sense of separation and thus individuality so that consensus must be limited to small social groupings, those for whom the set of beliefs in question are salient. Do not be fooled by the limiting parameters of your given language. We are not writing legal documents here, but rather trying to explain as concisely and clearly as possible the mechanism required for observing your own personal realities in greater terms than you now currently accept. We are attempting to show you a glimpse of a world to which you belong and have come from, to use your own time references once again, a world that lies outside of your current human parameters, a most difficult task for you will immediately see the obfuscations that must occur in so doing.

The expression “free will” will mean different things to different people, though some individuals are not always so ambitious and are happy to have the freedom they enjoy within their own accepted belief frameworks. The human condition would appear to be a contradictory thing indeed, limited by your apparent form and sensory processes, it would seem as though tensions are inevitable as you each navigate your sense of individuality within a disparate world of random activity.
Your understanding of free will can only extend as far as your own perceptive capabilities will allow, so at best your notions of what it implies are subject to the limitations you accept, and will therefore be a misrepresentation of the kind of free will that we insist that you do indeed exercise, quite freely and quite unrestricted.
The first hurdle, so to speak, is in understanding that you are not beholden to your physical form. It does not contain you, that is to say your sense of Self, in the manner in which you have been taught to believe by your learned scientists and logicians. Rather it is a product of who and what you are in a much greater sense than you currently allow yourselves to believe. The quality of your life and the values you place upon your experiences are dependent on your lack of conformity, on that part of you that resides nowhere within your brain or your body, but forms the very fabric of the reality you hold so dear, and believe to be singularly unique and as a result of billions of years of accidental evolution. You do not see the wood for the trees, yet you insist on cutting down the trees in order to get a better view. Contradictory indeed!

You each have a natural inclination to explore the nature of your reality, internally and externally, and in every conceivable fashion available to you.

Electromagnetic interference serves two purposes, one: to alleviate stress upon current systems of actuality, and two: to harness potential events in a more collaborative sense.

Irregular thought patterns can occur when sleeping. The more irregular the thought pattern the more intense the experience. Such thought patterns can quickly manifest in your current time-line experience simply because so much weight and emphasis is placed upon the possibility of their actualisation that in some respects electromagnetic echoes are felt and thus experienced in real-time, from your perspective, manifesting in some fashion throughout the course of your day’s events.
You may awaken with a negative vibe, to put it in your familiar terms, that in itself acts as a warning signal that emotional weather systems are forming as a storm occurs suddenly due to changes in air pressure. In part you are responding to your whole internal emotional weather system, as it is constantly being generated by the gestalt consciousness of which you are a most beneficial and current part. Your contribution to the burgeoning electrical charge is your sense of worry and concern, or put in other terms, your desire to fixate upon the negative sensation. Instead of dismissing it, which would dissipate and redirect some of that energy, thus weakening the potential storm, your fixation upon possible events, based on the warning signal that you have come to recognise with some familiarity, is indeed as much the cause of the storm within your immediate sphere of events as not.
The solution then is to heed the warning, the very purpose of its existence, and decide very dutifully to change the course of your thinking. Focus on positive acts, particularly those acts that stimulate creativity, where mind and physical form are collaborating equally. Preferably an act where there is a sense of accomplishment to be had.
If however, you feel the tug of negativity slowing your pace once again, simply turn your attentions away from it and proceed with your act of accomplishment, no matter how small it is.
Should you still find yourself in the midst of a tempest at some point throughout your daily experience, then you will find yourself better prepared and more able to move freely within that experience for having refocused your attentions to better, more positive pursuits. That you experience unease or challenging circumstances at all is significant, in that such acts or events are designed to alleviate stress and thus help you gain clarity and a better understanding of your own emotional, and thus very human evolution.
Simply by deciding to think something else, you change the course of possible events, and defuse any negative cast that may have previously held influence. You have achieved this many a time, and with full awareness.


14 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Emotional Storms, and Limited Free Will.

  1. This is good, honey, though it feels a bit like two interrelated subjects. In one, I think we’re discussing free will, and an example of how it is manifested by changing one’s thought patterns when a “signal” is received. If I’m interpreting it right, it’s saying that interference is formed by different, opposing forces combining at specific instances. The emotional manifestation of these energies may coincide with physical events, but contrary to our beliefs, one doesn’t necessarily cause the other.

    As with most things, we assume correlation means causality, when that is not true.

    The other subject, I think, is more holistic, emphasizing that the physical and nonphysical work differently than we imagine. I see this information repeated in many of the things you post and sometimes get lost trying to follow it. I’m thinking I have such a ‘tangible’ brain that it’s easy for me to understand either the abstract or the concrete, but I struggle with both being given simultaneously. The first several and last several paragraphs formed a very good, loop, which I understood. However, I’ll probably have to go back and read the bit about “closed systems” since I couldn’t immediately integrate it with the rest.

    None of this is to say how it’s written (or channeled) is lacking, but that it’s a bit like being given a physics lesson wherein one bit is suddenly in French. It probably fits perfectly, but then I realize I won’t get it until I first go back and learn French. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading. I guess the underlying thread, as is often the case with these pieces, is that the beliefs you hold about the nature of reality dictate in very precise, though not always obvious ways, the unfolding of events as they pertain to you, even if you do not experience them directly. The example as was given was seemingly ‘outside’ information in the form of news media, or indirect global events. The point being made was that these events are nevertheless relevant clues to the nature of your own reality, and in their recognition should make us feel more connected with the world at large, rather than isolated.
      The part about free will, as I understand it, was really about getting us to see how our beliefs operate in the creation of our personal realities. It was a way of getting us to explore how that mechanism works, if you will. So, in effect the two subjects were very much related.

      However, what they also said was that there is much information that is being relayed in these pieces that will bypass normal rational comprehension, and so the feeling of discontinuity is actually a clue that this material has had a tangible impact on your psyche. Understanding happens whether you are aware of it or not, that’s what they would tell me. The part in ‘French’ as you term it, is the part that probably had the most impact. Learning physically hurts. That’s how you know you’re learning, or they would put it, it’s how you know your awareness is being expanded. 🙂

      1. So, if I think I understand it, it probably isn’t that significant, but if I totally don’t get it, then that’s what hits my subconscious and is likely the more important. Without sarcasm, I must admit that school was largely like that too. The stuff I barely paid attention to is the stuff I still use.

      2. What I know from spending my whole adult life reading about this stuff is that it creeps up on you. That is to say that it goes in at a deep subconscious level, and surfaces as conscious understanding at some later point. Except when you reach that point you haven’t even noticed how much you’ve changed in your thinking.

      1. I had a feeling, while reading this, that one could almost subtitle different sets of paragraphs and index a book that way. Or even reform bits accordingly, although indexing preserves its present form better.

      2. I meant that the writings touch on more than one interrelated subject and I could foresee doing an index so people interested in specific subjects could follow the thread. I guess I’m seeing this in “textbook” mode.

      3. Ah! I see. I have considered lately presenting this book as a collection of essays that are interrelated in that way. So much of what I’ve channeled interrelates, though it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a flow from one piece to the next. In some instances yes, in others, not so much.

  2. I’m still grappling with the whole subject of free will. If you really think about it, it doesn’t exist. Never has. That, though, is quite horrid to admit. If I’m following your thoughts, I do tend to agree that we can influence what will come, but where that line begins and direct causation stops I really can’t say.

    1. I tend to agree with you to some extent, although beyond my human awareness how can I or you possibly say. As far as being human is concerned, I think our perceptions are indeed limited, though I don’t for one minute think it’s as limited as we really believe them to be. I think also most of us would be happy knowing that we have at least a little more freedom and control than seems to be the case. Perhaps accepting that there is much we do not yet understand about being the human animal is a good start to exploring our potentials in further depth.

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