My own personal Mecca
My own personal Mecca

Ever the pilgrim my mission in life is to explore every possible avenue of my own personal creativity and thus my reality. Taking into account that I may well have done this an infinite number of times before in past lives, parallel universes, other dimensions and whatnot, I try to remind myself frequently that everything I do is of value and as yet is still uncharted territory, and whose effects ripple outwardly and inwardly into every part of my existence. I am a Meta-physicist amongst my many other titles, a title I keep close to my chest as it can be  a touchy subject, though every once in a while I share it with others as I have chosen to do so now (quite publicly!), with the hope of entertaining and perhaps raising an interested eyebrow among the inhabitants of the  Blogosphere. Enjoy what you can as it may not last forever (at least not in the form that you now recognise!).

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  1. Thank you for choosing this path and being open to share your inner light with all of us. The world needs people like you for that heart felt support and gentle guidance. Each of us has our unique touch that brings forth clarity, as in the taste in morning sun.

    1. Like you my path was chosen long before my birth in this life. I have always known my strengths and allowed All That Is to guide me in whatever form it has spoken to me at different stages of my life. I understand fully who I am and why I am here and it’s a pleasure to be able to share that with others, and to encourage others to discover their own strengths and share them too. I am deeply grateful for your comments and for taking the time to stop by. Blessings to you Chris you are always welcome.


  2. “Enjoy what you can as it may not last forever (at least not in the form that you now recognise!).” — I am sure this line alone would have made me as glad as now, to be here, in your wonderful abode.

    Thank you for what you ‘brought my way’.
    Wishing you blessings and life!

    1. Hi Deepa,

      Thank you so much for the nomination, I am really quite touched that you thought of me. I accept it graciously, and I shall check out your other nominations.
      Much love to you too!

  3. Take a bow, this is a truly uplifting and inspiring blog, such breadth of wisdom, creativity and imagery, all of which is clearly great food for the soul, sincere regards, Barry

    1. Thank you so much Barry for your wonderfully inspiring comments. It’s deeply heartening to know that my work has been received in the way that was intended. I’m very pleased to know that you’ve been able to take something from it.
      Warm Regards

  4. Maria, you have so many facets to your character and blog that when I visit yours I often feel dizzy, like I’ve visited a dozen different blogs in quick succession. This is meant as a compliment so I hope you take it as such 🙂

    1. Malcolm, your presence and input are always welcome here, or indeed where ever you may find me. It is a privilege to know you. I hope the start to this new year is proving to be a good one for you 🙂

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