The Daily Channel – Sentiments

  Sentiments are won and lost. They begin as a course to action, however, if that action is not followed then in your terms the result is not perceived. You only perceive the outcomes that match your current energy.   … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Sentiments

The Daily Channel – Talking to Sidiris – Soul Connections

  “Ideas exist as an electromagnetic reality, with an energy signature that of it’s nature attracts and repels other energy signatures that may or may not conform to its own resonant frequency. Ideas therefore attract others in a constant interplay of energy signatures that only serve as guidelines for the creation of new and divergent patterns that permeate that which you call the physically real. Thoughts are manifestations of intent. Intent stems from a creative desire to imply resonance within quantifiable parameters. However, the parameters are not fixed, and the form taken does not conform to one energy gestalt, or … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Talking to Sidiris – Soul Connections

The Daily Channel – Me to the core.

I posted this piece originally on one of my other blogs, but I thought I would post it here too as it is a continuation in many ways of recent posts regarding beliefs and health. As I mention Seth in the following post, I may have to publish a few of the excerpts that I allude to just to round out the discussion. I understand that some of the things I write about are controversial and may make some readers uncomfortable, but to offend is not my intention, merely to challenge and possibly initiate a more positive stream of thought … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Me to the core.