Snapshot Stories – Acre 2010

Acre 2010 Three keys dangling. Three keys dangling in the wind. A storm is coming. The large wooden shutters knock gently against the wall as the wind rides in through the open window. All is quiet except for the tumbling … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – Acre 2010

Snapshot Stories – Carolyn 2007

Carolyn 2007 My arms are pressed against the glass. I’m trying to see beyond the scope of my vision; past the trucks and the vehicles stacked like paper plates at the end of a party. I see people waving their arms, trying to grab the attention of the guys in uniform that pass them by in a hurry and with fixed expressions, intent on going somewhere. I see the lights flashing, blue. Bright piercing blue, cutting shards through the dark night.There is no sound. I try to reach my arm across the seat. My friend is terribly still, her head … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – Carolyn 2007

Snap-shot Stories – The Books of Sebastian Selaš

The Books of Sebastian Selaš     In the evenings I would sit in the pale waning light, and think of books or photographs that had made impressions on me throughout my life. A word would appear in my thoughts and I would smile as it unfolded into lists of names and things to do while I was waiting for god to pass by. My name was Sebastian Selaš and I lived for many reasons; once an avid admirer of Tolstoy. As an interested listener I picked up much and argued little about life, except when Gretel my long and … Continue reading Snap-shot Stories – The Books of Sebastian Selaš