Spirit Portraits

Graphite and pastel on Cartridge - original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips
Graphite and pastel on Cartridge – original artwork by Maria-Xosé Phillips

I am an artist and also an Intuitive/Psychic-channel, both of which I have been practising my whole life. I have been a professional Psychic-channel for many years, and in recent years I have been focussing on channelling spirit guides and past-life personalities through the medium of art. It gives me immense pleasure to connect with spirit in this way, and quite often as I sketch I will receive information from them. I never know who I’m going to connect with and therefore who will appear before me. Many of my portraits are sketched purely in graphite, however some are completed in pastel or charcoal. I find these are the most effective methods as it is a fairly rapid process while I maintain the connection with the spirit. However, some spirits come through more clearly or quickly than others depending on their own abilities and intent to connect with physical plane, so although I have my own artistic style the finished picture will be as I have channelled it. Some will appear more ghostly and vague, and some appearing with almost photographic quality. The above is just a sample of the many hundreds of portraits that I have channelled within my own private collection.

For some time now my own spirit guides have been urging me to share this gift with others. Keeping to my promise I am offering personalised spirit/past-life portraits through my shop MagiRose Designs.

Also check out my post ‘Spirit Portraits – The Art of Seeing Faces’ if you want to learn more about my work.

14 thoughts on “Spirit Portraits

  1. Hi Ishaiyaya. Your gift is very interesting. I am a sceptic and belonged to a paranormal investigation group. But never really saw anything but like to keep an open mind and always keen to know more. I hope we keep intouch. Thank you for liking my poem ‘Mask!’. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet

    1. Thank you Foureyed Poet for liking this particular post. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘gift’ that I can see and draw faces, it’s a skill. I’ve been an artist all my life so that goes a long way in helping me to realise what I see before me. My particular skill is in being able to see faces, of what I can only assume are real people, and in some cases I have indeed managed to track down who some of these people are and verified my own images with existing photographs and other details that I have intuited. I am not a sceptic, yet I have grown up in the same sceptical world as everyone else where scientific thinking and logic prevails and where a certain amount of proof, if only for myself is important. I simply do not choose to accept the limitations that scientific thinking imposes and often prescribes, despite that, all scientific thinking and study is fundamentally theoretical. Of its nature it cannot deal with absolutes. There is always an exception to the rule as I’m sure you will agree. I find it interesting that you belonged to a paranormal investigation group. Quoting an old friend “Your beliefs follow you expectations”, if you expect to experience nothing, then that is what you will experience. I say this with the very best of intentions and good will. As you can see I haven’t had too many people brave enough to leave comments until now, so thank you for taking the time to peruse my blog and express your thoughts. It’s deeply appreciated and always welcome.I hope too that we can stay in touch.

      All the best

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