Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of Me

This is a tough challenge in a lot of ways because being a Synaesthete colour is significant to me in more ways than I can possibly express. It isn’t just about visual colour. Colours for me have texture and emotion, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of Me

The Wanderer – For Argie

I’ve been playing with my new digital art app for the Mac called Pavo. I downloaded it with the intention of using it as an editing tool for enhancing photographs, but discovered that it works better as an artistic medium. Although unlike an oil painting there are no drying times in between digital layers which greatly speeds up the process of producing a piece of art, this also allows me to work at the speed of my intuition, which I like. It still takes as long as it takes, and I work from a blank canvas so to speak. My … Continue reading The Wanderer – For Argie