I had to share this!

I got a link to this video in an e-mail this morning and I had to share it. The message within it epitomises much of what I personally stand for. I know there are quite a few of you here who will appreciate it too. It’s very compelling and worth a watch. Enjoy! (ignore the first e-mail notification of the same title, it was the wrong link) Continue reading I had to share this!

Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness

To talk about ‘truth’ is to define and pigeonhole creativity. So in our pursuit of happiness, actually truth has very little bearing. What we are searching for is the burst of adrenaline, the rush of dopamine and endorphins that makes us smile, dream big, and innovate whether allegorically or through action. In embracing our innate creativity to engage with the world around us, in which ever way we are able, we find happiness. (Taken from a post I am currently writing for my other blog Diary of Person Being Human) Continue reading Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness

Seth Speaks – Thought Processes

Reading the Seth books I have always found to be an education in thinking, and I firmly believe that it should be standard reading for everybody. But as the energy-personality-essence himself said through the auspices of Jane Roberts who channelled the entity known as Seth, that his words would find their way to those who were ready to hear them, or words to that effect. So it is that I will keep posting excerpts from the almost complete collection of the Seth material that I have acquired over the course of the last 17 years. I think it’s important and … Continue reading Seth Speaks – Thought Processes