Quote for Toady – May 1 2013

“When is a frog not a frog? When a frog believes it is a toad. As a toad it sees life through different eyes, even though it is still a frog the nature of its experience is altered and enhanced because of its altered beliefs. The change in the frog’s focus does not compromise the integrity of its frog nature, though by believing it is also a toad is an enhancement of its dynamic experience of life. It explores its creative nature because it can.” Joseph 20:20:20 Continue reading Quote for Toady – May 1 2013

I Am Space

I am Space     I’m stepping into a world so wide, My feet don’t touch the ground. I can see for miles around, And not a whisper passes my lips. I float so buoyantly On currents of knowledge That far surpass my own; Tired as I am in ageing  body, Yet alive and wild in ageless Being. So much to see; so much to feel. Colourful niches hidden in cloudless Space; roads trailing off into distant Mists; though I know no distance. I am space; I am space; I AM SPACE! Continue reading I Am Space

The Overseer

The Overseer – Part Two   My gift is to you all; To humanity and the stars. I shall paint your world again With the colours of the heart. Give vision to those without sight; Make heard what needs be listened to; Give warmth to those who are weary; And once again united, We shall break this fast, And give birth to the dawning of a new sun, A new spirit, and a new heart. ***   I come as time gives leave; As the winds blow thorough; And as the darkness of the soul Descends upon our closing eyes. … Continue reading The Overseer

The Daily Channel – Knowing

‘ This is my time. I am here for only two reasons: to love and be loved. My name is not important; my face ever-changing and new, though you know the breadth of my soul, and in that the breadth of your own. Your only obligation is to ‘Know Yourself’, to see with eyes that you already have inside your heart, and to see that you live your life to fulness. Your creature-hood is not forfeit, it is your opportunity to engage with your existence in a way that is not possible outside the scope of physical wakefulness. A unique … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Knowing

The Daily Channel – The Promise

” Deep in the mists of time I was born. And I have come to tell you a of a secret kept from mankind for centuries and a day. I have come to put right what was once aggrieved. The sun, the moon, the stars, the birds all sing to you of your time here, and whose silent words spell what is written in your hearts. Touch your heart now and unlock its secret. If you will come with me on a journey in time, I will teach you things you have forgotten. There you will find the vestments of … Continue reading The Daily Channel – The Promise

Quote for today – April 1st, 2013

“Life…has meaning or it doesn’t. We can’t really say that a person’s life has meaning, but that a cat’s or even an insect’s life is meaningless.…[W]e live in either an accidentally formed universe or a meaningfully created one. We can’t scientifically prove either theory, but intuitively we do know the truth. And intuitively we know enough to trust our impulses.” (‘The God of Jane’, Jane Roberts, p.g. 18, Moment Point Press, 2000. [Emphasis is my own]) Continue reading Quote for today – April 1st, 2013