The Daily Flannel: Time is my relative.

Ok. Just so you all know, for anyone that is remotely interested that is, I have decided to differentiate between my channelled pieces, and my moments of deep pondering, which are slightly more usual, as they for me involve a … Continue reading The Daily Flannel: Time is my relative.

Snapshot Stories – Cardboard Cut-out

If you’re going to throw a rock at me make sure you aim well. Be sure that I won’t catch it and throw it right back at you. Make sure you aim well and that you knock me from my high perch like a tin-can sitting on a fence. Take off your mask and show everyone your face so that your anonymity does not fail you, tell them your name, and be sure that you know before you pull back your arm, with the weight of that solid object gripped tight in your hand that as you swing, you commit. … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – Cardboard Cut-out

Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)

I see you here and I’m counting the minutes, tick-tock, tick-tock. I know I’ve got you in the palm of my hand as always, but I never know which way you’re going to go. I want to talk to you about stuff, but I never know how to approach you without making it sound like I’m chatting you up, or something. I’m a bit sheepish and dog-eared like that. I’m busy but I want to stop and chat, find out what you’ve been doing with your day. Married people do that, but we’re not married! I don’t even really know what you look … Continue reading Snapshot stories – The Ineffable Mr. Andrews (part two)