In memory of all the victims of the tragedy in Santiago de Compostela.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families of the derailment in Santiago de Compostela in the last 24 hours. Santiago is a place I know very well and is close to my heart, also it cuts close to the bone as I’ve travelled on that same train myself. Part of my family hails from that part of Spain, so my concerns go out to family members that possibly may have been involved, I have yet to hear. My thoughts and my utter admiration also go out to all the wonderful people, civilians and emergency services alike … Continue reading In memory of all the victims of the tragedy in Santiago de Compostela.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Through Your (My) Eyes

  This week’s challenge: Through your eyes. I ask myself how photography is anything but a representation of how you perceive a moment in time? For me photography is about telling a story, even if that story is only relevant to a specific few. However, having said that I do like to have the images I capture to have wide appeal, that to me is the artistry within it. Like the image above, I wanted to capture the brilliance and the heat of the sunshine as I turned the corner from the cool shadowed narrow alley-way. The sense of anticipation … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Through Your (My) Eyes

Santiago – (IntPoWriMo – Day 10)

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
When I was 25 years old I fulfilled a dream that I’d had since the age of 16. I walked across Spain. My 650 mile journey took me from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela and onward to Finisterre the furthest point on the Atlantic coast of Galicia in 29 days. Probably the most significant and important experience of my life, Santiago has become both my ancestral and spiritual home. It was me stepping off the cliff and into the abyss and discovering a world that has very long and deep roots… Continue reading Santiago – (IntPoWriMo – Day 10)