A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)

  I’ve been inspired by fellow blogger and follower Steve over at iChristian to perhaps include an audio clip of my blog posts in the interests of those who need and prefer to use an audio reader, or for those of you who would rather listen to my dulcet tones rather than take the effort to read! 😉 I think it’s a great idea in keeping with the theme of the couple of short video-blogs I have posted recently, also because it makes my site generally much more user friendly. I shall endeavour to make an audio recording of my posts … Continue reading A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)

The Daily Channel – The Promise

” Deep in the mists of time I was born. And I have come to tell you a of a secret kept from mankind for centuries and a day. I have come to put right what was once aggrieved. The sun, the moon, the stars, the birds all sing to you of your time here, and whose silent words spell what is written in your hearts. Touch your heart now and unlock its secret. If you will come with me on a journey in time, I will teach you things you have forgotten. There you will find the vestments of … Continue reading The Daily Channel – The Promise