Quote for today April 26 2013 – Seth Speaks

“You have lived before and will live again, and when you are done with physical existence, you will still live.  “I come here as though I appeared through a hole in space and time. There are walks in space and time through which you can travel, and in dreams you have been where I am. I want you to feel your own vitality. Feel it travel through the universe and know that it is not dependant on your physical image. In reality you project your own energy out to form the physical world. Therefore, to change your world, it is … Continue reading Quote for today April 26 2013 – Seth Speaks

Snap-shot Stories – The Books of Sebastian Selaš

The Books of Sebastian Selaš     In the evenings I would sit in the pale waning light, and think of books or photographs that had made impressions on me throughout my life. A word would appear in my thoughts and I would smile as it unfolded into lists of names and things to do while I was waiting for god to pass by. My name was Sebastian Selaš and I lived for many reasons; once an avid admirer of Tolstoy. As an interested listener I picked up much and argued little about life, except when Gretel my long and … Continue reading Snap-shot Stories – The Books of Sebastian Selaš

The Daily Channel – Wisdom

“You are only as wise as your most basic assumptions about yourself, and the world around you. If you are not prepared to have those assumptions challenged then you will never know the true extent of your wisdom. You have the ability at this very moment to expand your awareness and to see yourself and your life in new ways. If you are being challenged then you are likely not listening to your own desire to grow and expand. You create your experience, so those around you are simply mirroring and enacting your own beliefs. So listen! Be aware of … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Wisdom

The Daily Channel – The Middle of Everything

“After all that is said and done you are no further from your own truth than you were before. That is to say that you have always been at the centre of your experience at every moment throughout your life. If you chose not to notice, or accept control then you were merely ignoring that which has been with you from the very beginning, and has been very much within your grasp. Taking responsibility for the events that occur in your current life is a tough challenge when you have so actively sought to stay out of the habit of … Continue reading The Daily Channel – The Middle of Everything