Personal review of Seth’s exercise on changing beliefs.

After posting on Seth last night and his exercise for dealing with and replacing negative thought patterns, I thought I would try it for myself following Seth’s suggestions as closely as I was able. Even at the best of times … Continue reading Personal review of Seth’s exercise on changing beliefs.

Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

Sometimes I have to apply the brake pedal and realise that the reflection I see before me isn’t my own, but of the person standing behind me. That in my intense focus on the mirrored image, I over-identified with what I saw, not paying attention to the fact that it wasn’t mine at all. Some things, some people are here to challenge us, but they are not necessarily a reflection of who we are. Often they represent sign-posts reminding us to look away from the mirror and at ourselves. To help us acknowledge that we are already further along the … Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

The Consensure of Ultimatums

I haven’t given the title a lot of thought, but it is as it came to me at the time of channelling the following piece. It’s possible I have posted it before, but as it would have been some time ago, rather than trawl through my old posts, I may as well cut to the chase and publish anew. This is one of the few times that I have been conscious of a connection with Jane Roberts, channel of the Seth personality during the 60s and 70s. The title is a very Jane Roberts title for those familiar with her … Continue reading The Consensure of Ultimatums