The Daily Channel – Meeting the Sidiris.

  I channelled this a little while back when the Sidiris, a group entity made themselves known to me one evening. It was a different experience to the one that I had become accustomed to when channelling, as if the … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Meeting the Sidiris.

Daily Quote – July 3 2013

It is a narrowing of focus that is essentially the problem when examining any belief. In order to gain an expansive perspective and thus understanding of beliefs, an open mind must be maintained and new probabilities entertained in order for them to be of value. Joseph 20:20:20   You create your own reality. When you focus on a desire or a belief the Universe/All That Is will respond with every probable variation thereof presenting you with the opportunity to experience it in every aspect. From the vantage point of your current focus you will then choose to experience the aspects … Continue reading Daily Quote – July 3 2013

Quote for Toady – May 1 2013

“When is a frog not a frog? When a frog believes it is a toad. As a toad it sees life through different eyes, even though it is still a frog the nature of its experience is altered and enhanced because of its altered beliefs. The change in the frog’s focus does not compromise the integrity of its frog nature, though by believing it is also a toad is an enhancement of its dynamic experience of life. It explores its creative nature because it can.” Joseph 20:20:20 Continue reading Quote for Toady – May 1 2013