The Daily Flannel: In My Deep House

I am no good before a certain time of the day. It used to be that up until midday any decisions I made were terrible based on the awful mood I’d be in as my brain and my body tried in a desperate attempt to adjust to being awake again. Just to put things into context, I wake up daily with a lot of physical pain and stiffness, I’d like to say it’s down to old age, but that doesn’t really qualify in my case. Perhaps old age in terms of being an old soul, some people will tell you … Continue reading The Daily Flannel: In My Deep House

Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

This is a killer performance by legendary Prog Rock band Jethro Tull. Absolutely genius musicians and performers the lot of them, and tight as a gnat’s chuff as they say around here. Clive Bunker’s drum solo on Dharma For One is to my mind the best drum solo ever. The man doesn’t miss a beat, literally, for almost ten minutes. I loved the fact that the other members of the band disappeared while Clive bashed away to have a cuppa and smoke (probably), and return just in gobsmacking time to finish the song. I sat watching this on T.V. a while … Continue reading Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

M’s Musical Moments – ‘Get Here’ (Oleta Adams version)

I’ve been singing again, and I plan to do it a bit more often than I have been in recent years. I used to be semi-pro and do the pub and club circuits. I have performed on many a stage since my early teens, but I haven’t sung in a long while, so this is me sounding a little rusty. Hopefully it won’t make your ears bleed too much 😉 I love this song, originally sung by Oleta Adams. So I thought I’d relearn it and do a little recording so you lot can hear what I’ve been up to. … Continue reading M’s Musical Moments – ‘Get Here’ (Oleta Adams version)