Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

Sometimes I have to apply the brake pedal and realise that the reflection I see before me isn’t my own, but of the person standing behind me. That in my intense focus on the mirrored image, I over-identified with what I saw, not paying attention to the fact that it wasn’t mine at all. Some things, some people are here to challenge us, but they are not necessarily a reflection of who we are. Often they represent sign-posts reminding us to look away from the mirror and at ourselves. To help us acknowledge that we are already further along the … Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Misdirection

Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness

To talk about ‘truth’ is to define and pigeonhole creativity. So in our pursuit of happiness, actually truth has very little bearing. What we are searching for is the burst of adrenaline, the rush of dopamine and endorphins that makes us smile, dream big, and innovate whether allegorically or through action. In embracing our innate creativity to engage with the world around us, in which ever way we are able, we find happiness. (Taken from a post I am currently writing for my other blog Diary of Person Being Human) Continue reading Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness