A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

Your experience follows the expectation of your beliefs. You are what you think you are, and your life is what you expect it to be. Change your expectations and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change everything. Your life will always faithfully mirror your beliefs. Every time you change, or your life changes it is because you have changed what you expect to find. Nobody is themselves forever. With each new moment there is a new you, with new inner eyes to see new things. Take a good look at the mirror that is your life and … Continue reading A Message From Q’andasar – June 17 2013

Quote for today – May 7 2013

“Dilapidated houses fall by themselves. If left they will turn to dust and form new landscapes, new terrain upon which to build new fortresses. The domain of the soul is an ever-changing landscape that changes because it is fuelled by an inexhaustible creative energy that leaves no room for ruin or decay. That you see your physical landscape as being in a state of deterioration at any point is just a quirk of perception and belief. The dilapidated monuments of your physical landscape are interpretations of mass conscious desires for change and renewal, and represent new contexts within which to … Continue reading Quote for today – May 7 2013

The Overseer

The Overseer – Part Two   My gift is to you all; To humanity and the stars. I shall paint your world again With the colours of the heart. Give vision to those without sight; Make heard what needs be listened to; Give warmth to those who are weary; And once again united, We shall break this fast, And give birth to the dawning of a new sun, A new spirit, and a new heart. ***   I come as time gives leave; As the winds blow thorough; And as the darkness of the soul Descends upon our closing eyes. … Continue reading The Overseer