Seth – A Theory of Understanding

This following excerpt speaks volumes to me in terms of how I myself have come to perceive the world and my reality over the years. It supports my post yesterday when I summarised my beliefs “in a nutshell” in response to … Continue reading Seth – A Theory of Understanding

Seth Speaks – Religion and Science – Part One

Another fantastic and perhaps excerpt from Seth/Jane Roberts’ “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” that I think is most worth sharing with the world. As always Seth/Jane doesn’t pull any punches, hitting at the very core of the highly disputed and controversial subjects of Religion and Science. In almost 40 years not much has changed, the same debates between these two overgrown and over-sensitive giants of popular culture still rage. Here Seth/Jane pops that very large balloon in no uncertain terms, providing a very much needed alternate view. As these are quite long excerpts that I want to … Continue reading Seth Speaks – Religion and Science – Part One