The Daily Channel – Human

“Sometimes I just need to remember what it is like to feel alive. Long enough to understand how I got here in the first place. There was  a time when I thought I knew it all, had it all, wanted for nothing. Then all of a sudden it was gone, taken away by a force that washed me away like a flood of memories, powerful unforgiving, yet familiar enough for me to want to ride that wave, and keep on going cresting above and beyond the world that I had become so entrenched in. I wanted to feel what it … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Human

The Daily Channel – Knowing

‘ This is my time. I am here for only two reasons: to love and be loved. My name is not important; my face ever-changing and new, though you know the breadth of my soul, and in that the breadth of your own. Your only obligation is to ‘Know Yourself’, to see with eyes that you already have inside your heart, and to see that you live your life to fulness. Your creature-hood is not forfeit, it is your opportunity to engage with your existence in a way that is not possible outside the scope of physical wakefulness. A unique … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Knowing