Quote for today – May 14 2013 – Seth Speaks

You usually think of your conscious mind as your ego. It is directed toward action in physical life. Many schools of thought seem to have the curious ideas that the ego is inferior to other portions of the self, or “selfish” , and imagine it to be definitely of a lower quality than the inner self, or the soul. In the first place, it is really impossible to separate portions of the self, and we make such distinctions only in an effort to explain the many facets of the personality. It is generally understood, then, that you do have an … Continue reading Quote for today – May 14 2013 – Seth Speaks

Quote for today – May 7 2013

“Dilapidated houses fall by themselves. If left they will turn to dust and form new landscapes, new terrain upon which to build new fortresses. The domain of the soul is an ever-changing landscape that changes because it is fuelled by an inexhaustible creative energy that leaves no room for ruin or decay. That you see your physical landscape as being in a state of deterioration at any point is just a quirk of perception and belief. The dilapidated monuments of your physical landscape are interpretations of mass conscious desires for change and renewal, and represent new contexts within which to … Continue reading Quote for today – May 7 2013

Quote for today (minus frogs or toads) – May 2 2013

“On a conscious level, and with your conscious reserves alone, you could not keep your body alive an hour. You would not know how to do it, for your life flows through you automatically and spontaneously. You take the details for granted – the breathing, the inner mechanisms of nourishment and elimination, the circulation, and the maintenance of your psychological continuity. All of that is taken care of for you in what I have termed Framework 2 [referring to the ‘inner’ non-physical body/being]. ” In that regard, certainly, everything works to your advantage. Indeed, often the more concerned you become … Continue reading Quote for today (minus frogs or toads) – May 2 2013

Quote for Toady – May 1 2013

“When is a frog not a frog? When a frog believes it is a toad. As a toad it sees life through different eyes, even though it is still a frog the nature of its experience¬†is altered and enhanced because of its altered beliefs. The change in the frog’s focus does not compromise the integrity of its frog nature, though by believing it is also a toad is an enhancement of its dynamic experience of life. It explores its creative nature because it can.” Joseph 20:20:20 Continue reading Quote for Toady – May 1 2013