Blue Eyes

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
  This is me flying by the seat of my pants as they say, experimenting with channelling a poem on the spot on camera. Despite the odd hiccup, the imagery in my own mind was very strong and so was the sentiment. I’d be interested to know if any of you can feel the energy and emotion that I was feeling while filming, as you listen to it Also if anyone has any ideas or requests for me to recite any of my past poetry on either blog, or stories, posts,… Continue reading Blue Eyes

A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)

  I’ve been inspired by fellow blogger and follower Steve over at iChristian to perhaps include an audio clip of my blog posts in the interests of those who need and prefer to use an audio reader, or for those of you who would rather listen to my dulcet tones rather than take the effort to read! 😉 I think it’s a great idea in keeping with the theme of the couple of short video-blogs I have posted recently, also because it makes my site generally much more user friendly. I shall endeavour to make an audio recording of my posts … Continue reading A More User Friendly Ish (Audio File Available)

Wax on, Wax off

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
Wax on, wax off; Like a train-wreck waiting to happen. All that latent animosity that is akin to sexual tension, Why don’t you just get it on and have it out, off, done with, whatever! My guile, your denial. My angst, your axe to grind. What makes you so special anyway? Who put you on a throne of metalised sentiment Ready for the next sucker to come along and fill your over-worn shoes? Did no one tell you the position wasn’t permanent? Well I have news for you, you overrated pompous,… Continue reading Wax on, Wax off

Shock Horror She’s Human!

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human: As promised, a short video from moi so you can all see me in the virtual flesh. Not sure where all this is going, it’s going to take some getting used to this video-blogging stuff, but I’ll give it a go. It could be complete and utter blogocide and I might just lose all my followers, then again you lot might be a bit more of a discerning bunch 🙂 Continue reading Shock Horror She’s Human!