The Daily Channel – The Misconception of Time, Space and Reality.

  met·a·phys·ics ˌmedəˈfiziks/ noun the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space; abstract theory or talk with… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Emotional Storms, and Limited Free Will.

  As ever with these channeled pieces they address whomever is reading them. They will have relevance in part or in their entirety to you personally. It is based on the premise, as… Continue reading

The Daily channel – The Sidiris on the Subject of Stress

The Sidiris is a group entity that I have been channelling for the past couple of years now. There was a distinct shift back in 2013 when the singular voices that I would… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Validity

Life is a process of action and reaction. Whether a piece of information is true or not is arbitrary. If a piece of information is of value, if it adds value, then it… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – The Anvil and the Aardvark

You may notice as a point of interest how I began writing this piece in the first person, but how very quickly my conscious focus shifts and the tell-tale ‘we’ creeps in, usurping… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Good Medicine

This is one of my most favourite songs ever, it is epic, an act of musical genius. I thought it was a good accompaniment to the channelled piece below, which is fairly epic… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – The Vintage Self

It would seem that I have resumed with book dictation after a very long two year break. Freshly squeezed from the metaphysics channel on Radio M. This may even be a new book… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Just an afterthought…

    I’m not sure why I still blog anymore. Since I began two and half years ago, readership on WordPress has almost died a death. Perhaps it’s to do with WP’s new… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – What is the point of learning?

“The physical reality is a fallacy, not because it is invalid, but because it is temporal in nature. You shift between different filters of consciousness as effortlessly as you breathe in air and… Continue reading

The Daily Channel – Coffee Time With Sid n’ Iris

  “Enacting any kind of change requires active participation. If you are experiencing it, then you are playing an active part in the unfolding of events. Things do not happen to you without… Continue reading