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A moment of magic
Sunlight refracting through window within the Tower of Hercules – Á Coruña, Galícia, Spain

I am an Intuitive, a ‘Psychic Channel’ as I may be considered by some. It’s an ability I have had my entire life and a skill that I constantly practise. It’s a skill inasmuch as I have had to learn how to use it over the years, as much as it is an innate ability, however so is language yet you still have to learn how to talk.

My intention with my blogThe Daily Channel is to share some of the wisdoms and stories that I have at my disposal through being able to channel, whether it be spirit guides, loved ones and friends that have passed, or all other entities that wish to make contact. I am a messenger to all intents and purposes, although of course my own experiences and interests colour the kind of information that I receive and the entities that I come into contact with. My concept of time is by no means conventional, I simply do not believe in linear time, in fact I don’t believe in time at all. So the parameters within which I work are very broad and far reaching from my point of view. Of course my beliefs are my own, they are by no means prescriptive, however I do invite all who read my blog to maintain an open mind and an open heart and consider that life and existence may be something more than you perhaps thought, even just for a short while. It might just make all the difference.

My warmest regards to you all! x

3 thoughts on “The Daily Channel

  1. Our view of time I think is similar but maybe for different reasons or the same reason. To be able to channel must be another dimension of existence that is not open to many people. I enjoy your blog posts already even if I don’t get the channeling bit, I enjoy coming around.

    1. My post ‘Quote for today – May 14 2013 – Seth Speaks’ is a pretty good analogy of my understanding of what channelling is, and where that knowledge comes from. Although perhaps my own personal view of what I claim do should be the subject of my next post. I would like to hear your views on time. Whether we agree with one another or not is beside the point, I am ever grateful that you stop by and pay my blog a visit. I enjoy your visits very much.

      1. I view time as a human concept to explain relationship between two events. Just the same as space, a concept that explains our relationships to other objects.

        The feeling is mutual. I think it would be great idea to have a post that explains what you do.

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