The Science of Me – What I do: Channelling

There are some people I know that have been wishing that I would just cut to the chase and put into words exactly what I claim to do as an ‘intuitive channel’. I felt that it was necessary to explain to an extent with the previous posts in the ‘Science of Me’ series, what my beliefs are and my particular perception of the world and my reality. It has been my way of creating a basis of understanding of who I am as a person.

What I do

I have the ability to read people, my environment, objects, in fact anything that is within my field of perception. I translate, or ‘channel’ for wont of a better word what it is I feel into terms that are mutually understandable. It’s an ability I have always had to my knowledge, and my desire to understand it has been the impetus behind my exploration of the mind, ‘paranormal’ experiences, ESP, psychology, shamanic practises, the nature of perception, quantum physics, and ultimately metaphysics.

In order to simplify, I’m going to narrow things down to my interaction with other people specifically. When I come into contact with someone, whether they are standing before me or are thousands of miles away, I can feel them. It is like a strong electrical impulse that I feel in the pit of my stomach, or the area of my solar-plexus, and it is as physically tangible for me as any part of my body, or any object that I may come into contact with. It is such a powerful sensation, that I can feel  the fluctuations in a person’s mood, and the direction of their conscious focus. The moment that person disengages their focus from me I feel it as abruptly as someone switching off a light. So I know when someone is directing their thoughts toward me, because I feel it intensely. It often catches me unaware, seemingly appearing out of ‘nowhere’, and it will last for mere moments or longer. On occasion I will pick up a smell, or physically feel them touch me, or feel them looking straight at me as if they were standing there before me. The feeling intensifies further when the contact is deliberate and direct.

Frequently I’ll find myself thinking about someone and all of a sudden I get a phone call, or e-mail, or message of some kind from that person. Whether I am projecting the thought, or merely receiving it is open to debate from a linear perspective. This ‘connection’ is also more powerful and easier to read if I don’t have the usual sensory distractions, as I have discovered. So the less physically present and visual someone is, the clearer they are to me in many ways. My validation comes through the confirmation that people give me. As simple as that.

My Childhood

As a child I was always acutely aware of what people thought of me, I found the feelings hard to ignore. But because of the culture I’ve grown up in where much emphasis is placed on what can be physically seen or heard, with internal feelings and emotions being arbitrary factors, and separate from the outside world, I grew up learning to doubt what I could feel because I couldn’t explain it in terms that anyone could understand or were willing to accept.

The closest references that we have in the english language that in any way describe what this sense is for me are, instinct, intuition, ‘sixth sense’, ‘gut feeling’, an inner ‘knowing’, and perhaps most erroneously ‘psychic ability’. I am in no doubt whatsoever that my ability is in any way paranormal. I entertained the notion when I was younger in my desire to explain things, but it always fell short of what I knew to be the truth.

As far as I am aware it is not unique to me. We all have an inner instinct. Scientific culture quite happily accepts that this is the case across the spectrum of creature-hood, so why should it not be just as strong in humans? Well of course it is, but I think for some the awareness of this inner instinct is perhaps clouded by the reliance on the physical senses.

For me, however, I have always defaulted to my strong sense of instinct when it comes to interpreting the world around and within me. I have grown to trust it implicitly.

Colourful language

I believe that my acute awareness of this inner sense, this ‘instinct’ is further enhanced and intensified by the way in which I interpret information. I am a Synaesthete. Synaesthesia is a condition that occurs in some individuals whereby the neural pathways between the physical senses remain intact, where normally in most people they begin to separate during childhood as the brain and the body develop. This means that as a Synaesthete all of my senses are bound into one. So sound has colour and form, texture, smell, even a sound that is separate from the external sound itself. It is the same for images, the touch of physical objects, emotions, thoughts. The list is endless as are its permutations. It manifests itself in a number of ways for me, and provides added information/data if you will, about the world around me and its inhabitants. Every Synaesthete is unique in that the way it manifests for them will differ dramatically more often than not, so two individuals will not necessary interpret the same colour for a particular sound for example.

For me at least, my form of Synaesthesia correlates very strongly to the world around me in that I am able to read information that may not be obvious or visible by others. I have very much learned to interpret what I sense through my Synaesthesia so that I can be as specific as I possibly can be, and this I’ve done through years of observation and being aware of repeat patterns. My approach, dare I say it, has been very methodical and scientific. I’ve realised that certain colours that I may see, when for example they relate to an individual, mean certain things and that provides me with information that I can then verify.

For a time I experimented with distant readings,  where the only information that I would ask for was a name. At this point in my early 20s I was as yet unaware of the term Synaesthesia. I would then interpret and record all of the sensory information that occurred to me from that name, as all names have colours and a barrage of other sensory information for me. Then I would ask the person in question to verify that information, and surprisingly what I discovered was how effective and in some cases very accurate it was on numerous occasions. It confirmed to me that my sense of knowing as a child what other people felt and thought was not a figment of my imagination. Furthermore, it seemed to work irrespective of distance. The implications were profound and thus I began my exploration of my abilities. I began reading the Seth books at around the time that I conducted my experiments, and to date it is the only source of knowledge that comes even close to explaining what I am able to do.

Some of you have already experienced validation of what I am able to sense from you. Others I know doubt my every word. Others are quietly unsure, but interested nevertheless. That’s fine by me. I welcome you all.

My peculiar ability has engendered within me a very accepting and diplomatic attitude toward others, so even if I sense something untoward I respect that others may not share my opinions or views. Also that someone else’s emotions and thoughts are not my own. It also gives me a sense that nothing is separate. It is difficult to discern, more often than not, a clear division between what I’m sensing from someone or something else and my own internal state. To all intents and purposes I step into that person’s shoes for a while and feel and think what they think, or at least a version of it. It’s not always an exact science, but that’s where my personal experience comes into it in being able to interpret what I sense into something salient.

There is always more I could add, but I think this will do for now my friends. Thank you for reading!


I’d be fascinated to know what your thoughts are, so please comment and ask any questions you may have, and share your experiences, my door is always open!


42 thoughts on “The Science of Me – What I do: Channelling

  1. Ishaiya my friend, I must be among those who were interested in knowing what you do and where you come from and also among the very skeptical so to speak. I will have to come back to you with a set of questions.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m honoured that you have graced me with you presence today my wise friend. I am pleased that this post has intrigued you. I look forward to what ever questions you may have.

      1. Wow, I feel so flattered by you my friend! What kind words to use. It is a great pleasure to read what you write. Your world must be a very colourful world, and you can paint with words just as you do with your coloured pencils.
        I have just a few questions:-
        1. The people you connect with, especially those who are miles away, do they have to be known to you by name or are they anonymous?
        2. Do you take note of the negative scores, that is, the times when you are not right and how do they compare?
        3. On a side note, do we connect 😛

      2. You know you are always welcome here Mak or would you prefer that I call you Noel?
        My world is indeed a very colourful one. I wrote a whole poetry book that was organised by the colour that each poem was to me, it’s on my site thought I’m still adding to it. The colours can carry very intense emotions with them, so for example walking around an art gallery or looking at a sunset where colours are very visually intense can be an incredibly moving and joyous experience and a little overwhelming sometimes.
        To answer you questions:
        1. Knowing them or at least having a name helps to me to focus, otherwise it can be a little difficult to discern between different energies (I’ll call them energies because it’s a simpler term than anything I can think of right now that would be more adequate). However, the intensities of energy can vary dramatically so that I might be feeling an emotion that I have no real explanation for, although usually I will get the sense that someone is focussing on me. There are times when I have felt someone almost physically in the room with me or in my vacinity, which has happened with a couple of blogging friends of mine recently. More often than not I will get a strong sense of who they are.
        When I draw my portraits for example I get the same feeling of connection, and quite often I feel a very overwhelming sense that they are staring right back at me, and it can be a little unnerving sometimes. They are not always people that have passed away, sometimes I draw people that are very much alive, as I’ve discovered on a few occasions.
        In short some connections are stronger than others, and they will have very specific details at times, at other times very vague impressions.
        Everybody has a very distinctive energy to me that doesn’t really change so it becomes easy to recognise when I feel it all of a sudden if I’m going about my day, and I have no doubt that that person will be feeling the connection too – usually because they are thinking about me in some way.
        2. I do indeed come across many ambiguities, but I see what I am able to do as a skill and it follows the same process as say learning a language for example. The more you practise and take notes the more you remember and learn. However, I don’t always get confirmation, but through the many years of my life that I have been able to do this and the numerous times that I have got confirmation, I have learned to trust that there is validity in such a connection.
        As I say sometimes the sense of an energy I pick up on is very ambiguous, but it may be a clue that promotes a particular train of thought that then reveals stronger information. The ambiguity usually occurs if I’m tired and not very focussed, or if the person or persons in question not very focussed themselves.
        Negative or obstructive people I feel very intensely even over great distance, and it can be difficult for me not to engage with their energy. I kind of get sucked into it. Not very healthy at all, and I try to avoid those kinds of confrontations at all costs.
        Particularly when I’m online, the connections are very strong with most people I engage in conversation with. Of course I tend to gravitate toward the people that make me feel good, or that have a positive energy.
        3. Do we connect? Well of course! You have a very calm and wise energy about you, and I feel very calm and comfortable when I connect with you. Your energy is a mix of silvery greys and dark blues, with bursts of warm deep red tones. In fact I thought you to be a lot older than you look in your photograph (twitter gravatar). Everything about your energy tells me that you are very deep thinking person, and that you entertain level of control and logic in your posts that is in many ways incongruent with who you are in the privacy of your own thought-space. You have a very forgiving nature, that makes you very accepting of others, whether you agree 100% with them or not. In other words I think you play along sometimes in the name of equality and fairness. You wish sometimes that you didn’t have to be so rigorous and logical with your thinking and could just let things be. It would be simpler. And without getting into deeper more personal issues, I’m going to stop there.

        I hope I’ve managed to answer your questions, albeit in a lengthy way. There is no easy way to explain any of it, as it is mostly emotionally and energetically based. It has taken me a big part of my life to learn how to translate it!

      3. Most of my friends prefer to call me Noel, so whichever you like, am fine with either choice. Thank you for your responses to my questions and for the assurance on my being always welcome

  2. That’d be a great intro to you book.

    For me I’ve always looked to Francis Bacon: “The General root of superstition is that men observe when things hit, and not when they miss, and commit to memory the one, and pass over the other.”

    Whereas I’d like to think there’s a common thread through all life, a brotherhood of sorts, I’m always weary of the communion perceived when brains dance with coincidences.

    1. You are a true skeptic my friend. That being what it is even though I may irritate you with my odd ways, I intrigue you equally as much otherwise you wouldn’t entertain my ‘apparent’ foolhardiness. Yes it could work as an introduction, thanks for that. Your path in life is what you make it, and as long as it works for you that’s all that matters. However, I still like you and you can come and play in my sandpit any time 🙂

      1. Oh, i don’t think what you’re trying to unearth is foolish… quite the opposite. It’s a noble pursuit., and i do hope there’s a deep river of truth in there. I’ll always champion anyone trying to advance the human condition, regardless of what hat that endeavour wears.

      2. You’re making me laugh. I know what springs to mind, but I will bite my tongue for a moment. I came to many of my conclusions that I now entertain way before I came across Seth, and when I did come across those books they just reinforced those conclusions and helped me think about things in a less skeptical way. I don’t believe in coincidences for good reason. I believe in what I do, because I cannot deny it and because I know it works. I am not trying to unearth anything, I merely speak from my own experience, and that is what I seek to share here.

  3. Loss of words. I guess I consider myself somewhat of a wandering soul. Sure about my morals, unsure of the many beginnings. Do I doubt you? No and yes. Yes, firstly because I do not understand what it is like to feel what you do and see the things you feel. No, because I have learned in my own experiences that doubt is merely a leash (I mean look at why I said I doubt!). With that being said my synopsis is this I believe you but more so I think it would be a great experience to experience things as you do. Interestingly enough I always wonder what energy I bring to others with the intent that I bring a welcoming and loving vibe.

    Opinions do matter however knowledge of self trumps any day! Thanks for sharing your mind with us!

    1. I think it’s good to question what we don’t understand and what we can’t relate to on a first-hand basis. Nothing should ever be taken on face-value, however I do believe in accepting people for who they are and what they believe in, as long as it is not detrimental to me or others. I’ve always seen the good in (most) people, and that could perhaps be seen as a failing in some cases as I have a knack of attracting unsavoury characters in my life from time to time because of my trusting nature. Seeing things in the way that I do and learning to live with it in a positive way has been an extremely steep learning-curve for me. I realise that I have nothing to lose by putting my neck on the line here as I do day in day out; not everybody will agree with me, but some perhaps will go away with a little gem of understanding in their pockets that they didn’t have before. I live for the connections I make with people like you and all my other new blogging friends, however long it may last. It adds quality to my day and my life and that is all I care about, and of course adding a little quality to the life of others if that’s possible.
      Doubt is good anyway, it promotes debate and debate promotes change, quite often in the right direction.
      I like your energy a lot, and I have great respect for what you do here on your blog. You have a way with words that is rare indeed.
      Always a pleasure

      1. I swear I’ve been checking for a response everyday and when I figured you wouldn’t respond you did. Thanks for the response Ish! You do add a little quality to peoples’ lives by the way… I love your blog.

      2. Haha, funny because I responded to your original message about an hour later on Friday, and I’ve been checking all weekend to see if you had responded to it. I figured you didn’t want to! 🙂
        Thank you for your kind comment too.

  4. It’s obvious to me that you do what you say you do, my friend, as you well know. I don’t think you are seeking mine or anyone’s validation-you are simply sharing, which is courageous. That in itself is a wonder these days, and I bow to the divinity within you. Many Blessings.

    1. Thank you Paul for seeing my intention with this piece with crystal clarity. You are quite right in saying that I am not seeking validation, I have that in bucket loads for myself. However the way I see things if I am here in this world with so many billions of other souls then why would I not want to share who I am? It would be like waking up in a room full of other people then refusing to talk to anyone! Why wouldn’t you? I have dealt with harsher skeptics in my life. I figure I really have nothing to lose by sharing now, at the worst I’m going to make people think a little. Many blessings to you too, and thank you for your wonderful support my friend.

      1. I am a skeptic myself, though that skepticism is directed more to those who accept the norms, at this point in my journey. It is an obligation to share, I believe, and quite a release…

  5. I don’t doubt you for a second. I grew up in this environment, had my first clairvoyant reading at age 14, attended countless classes and workshops on multiple ways to open the senses, I don’t remember not being connected.
    Nice post, well written. Personally I’m not ready for the public to know That much about me, as I’m still learning my potentials.
    Thank you for this amazing connection that we share, and for being the beautiful, bright… woman, light… that you are.

    1. Thank you for your friendship and your support Christopher. It’s a difficult thing to explain, and it took me a while to really be able to formulate what I was going to say and the way that I wanted to say it. I just want to share who I am because I believe that’s my right. I am an artist and everything I do is part of my art, that is the art of being me. As much as it may challenge the mind and beliefs, people need diversity in order to learn and grow, and I enjoy challenging perception as much as I enjoy being challenged. It makes me feel like I have a place in this world at last. I’ve put up with a lot of negativity in my life because of who I am or what I have represented for people. I don’t want to be part of that any more. I never had the strength to say so before now.
      Thank you for believing in me and for allowing me to share in your light too.

      1. Ah….wow. You must be very talented. 🙂 Do you have a post on here with any of your performances? I would love to hear it. What a gift to be combined with your gift. 🙂

      2. There is a link to one of my songs in the right side-bar under ‘My Music’, it’s just a rough recording I made a while back. Let me know what you think 🙂

  6. wow. I think of instinct as a long cord connecting everything around us, like a 3d vision of God’s energy, and always try to follow mine. I’ve also discovered after years of playing cards online, I can almost predict the next card, just by exhaling a bit, kind of sinking into my stomach, and then I guess. I’m always right, except when I am distracted by something else…it’s silly I know, but I’ve tested myself for fun. lol I also think I am gifted with much common sense, so when I combine the two, I can also read people easily. Almost see the good or bad, sometimes in just a glance. Not inside them, like you do, but I can almost guess their thoughts. But, I’ve also had many dreams that came true, bad dreams, that I tend to block out and try to avoid in my life. Premonitions, I guess you would call them, that I did NOT want to see.
    I totally believe what you are saying, but I hope you are blessed with only seeing the good. It took months for some of those dreams to fade enough I could get on with life, and for many years I prevented myself from dreaming at all. I’m sure I did, I just don’t remember them, because I would get a bit high right before bedtime. lol Up until recently, It blocked them nicely. Otherwise I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t face knowing ahead of time that someone I know or love is about to die, or be in a horrific car accident. Knowing those kinds of things ahead of time just destroyed me inside. I wish you all the best! 🙂 ps, did you ever read my poem “darkness let go”?? just wondering, because since I wrote that, I don’t have to be high anymore to sleep peacefully. 🙂

    1. The exhaling is a trick I use too, I find it helps focus my intuition. As you say common sense is a big help, however I think it comes with the territory when you use your intuition/instinct a lot. I’m sure our abilities are not so dissimilar.
      I’m sorry that you have had to experience the darker side of your abilities, but if you get through it then it makes you a more resilient person and able to deal with bigger issues if that’s your calling. For most of my life, from early childhood in fact I have seen some truly horrible things, I just deal with it a lot better than I used to when I was younger. It was nearly my undoing, but I got through it.
      I will look for your poem and see if it works for me too 🙂
      Thank you for your awesome comments, it’s nice to get to know you a little, and of course thanks for stopping by and reading my post. It means a lot. I hope your sleep carries on being peaceful.

      Blessings to you my friend
      Ishaiya xo

  7. First, let me thank you for visiting my blog and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge entry representing “Curves”. I found your post extremely interesting. My mother has always had a sense of death. Not when people were ill, but just a feeling as she expressed it that this person was about to transition. As you say, we all have an inner instinct. The question is how do we handle it. Do we listen quietly to it or do we just ignore it? In listening does it become stronger? Do we sense some situations more acutely than others? I am by no means gifted as you are. But, I am sensitive and read people very well.. That sensitivity served me very well in both my personal and professional life. It was only when I ignored what I felt that I was disappointed or hurt. Best wishes to you.

  8. I love photography and I love roses especially, which is why I was drawn to your photo. My partner is always telling me that I have too many roses in our garden, but my answer is always that you can never have enough!
    I always appreciate it when people leave thoughtful comments on my written posts especially, as writing and the subject of intuitive/empathic ability are very close to my heart. So I thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind comments.
    I find it very interesting to hear about your mother’s sense of a person’s transition, and also about your own sensitivities. I think listening to your instinct/intuition is important, but depending on your own set of beliefs trusting it 100% is something that you do by choice, and can take time to adjust to. When given the choice of following my intuition, or following reasoned logic, I will always follow my intuition. It is often the less obvious route that leads you to where you need to be. However, I do firmly believe that the more you practise listening and acting on your inner messages and knowledge that your ability strengthens. It is something that I believe is within all of us, and we can’t switch it off, however it is our choice whether we pay attention to it and trust or not.
    From experience I have discovered that my intuition is never wrong, but the way that I interpret the information is key. Sometimes the lack of clarity of the information received can be the clue itself, rather than it being a reflection of your inability to read someone or something. I find that if a person is very emotionally open and self-aware, they are much easier to read. Whereas if someone is quite rigid in their thinking and thus closed emotionally, I will sense the block and that person will require a little more concentration on my part to read. The key is to trust what you know within you, despite doubt. You will always receive a validation in one way or another.
    I hope I have been able to help in some way in answering your questions. My door is always open. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. It may surprise you (but then again, it may not, if you’ve been channeling me, due to my concentration on you – involved, as I am, in writing this), but I don’t discount what you’ve said. I have a friend (also a Brit, but nobody’s perfect), who has seen letters and numerals as colors all her life. I could put you in touch, if you’d like to share experiences or otherwise believe there could be anything gained.

    There may be those who nay-say your experiences, but I applaud the explorer of the Human Condition – in my opinion, we’re all we’ve got – as long as any such explorer knows at the onset, that their belief systems will be met, by me, with a heavy dose of skepticism – note I said “skepticism,” not disbelief. Humans didn’t know they could speak, before they tried.

    1. I think you’re a hard head just like me, and believe it or not I too am a skeptic. I don’t believe anything unless I have first hand experience of it to call from, whatever that entails. What I can say however, with a level of certainty is that our parameters are different, so of course we’re going to clash. It’s true however that the variety in opinion adds to the intrigue and possibilities of new avenues to explore. It’s nice to talk to like minded folk, but not always the most beneficial course of action, because sometimes the challenge is what is necessary to push the boundaries of your thinking to a new level.
      I agree that we are all we’ve got as you say. So who am I to gainsay you, or vice-versa? Discussion is after all about ellipsis, the ellipsis provides structure and context. If all information was available to you at the beginning of a get-to-know-you, there would be nothing to get to know. So, through further discussion the missing pieces are thus made available and new agreements can be made. It’s otherwise known as a conversation, and like it or not, we are hell-bent to have them if we want to clarify or validate anything we believe in. So enjoy the ride as you’re on it I say.
      It’s nice you know another Synaesthete, but I have no desire to connect thanks. I have enough on my plate with you [grin], of course I mean that in the kindest of terms.
      You’re different from me, that’s great, but so what? It doesn’t mean I think you’re an idiot, or have nothing of value to add. Quite the opposite. There is however, a raft of information that I’m getting from you that isn’t as obvious to you maybe. I do get that I’m making you smile a lot, I can feel it, and I can feel the adrenaline in the pit of your stomach, anticipating if I’ll chomp your head off with the next remark.

  10. Earlier, I mentioned wiring Bonsai trees to cause them to grow in a predetermined direction. Let me tell you a little more about Japanese landscaping – on a large acreage, it is the designer’s task to create intrigue, by creating trails with curves that can’t be seen around. No one knows what lies beyond the curve in the path, until one is on that spot, at which time, the traveler encounters yet another curve in the path. As you mentioned above, though in a different context, a landscaping that can be viewed all at once, lacks interest, for everything to be seen, is seen at the onset. The same is true of human relationships, and in fact, was one of my first thoughts upon viewing your website, i.e., mine, since it follows the Bible, is purely linear – you read a page, you click, “NEXT” – but yours is a project worthy of exploration, a section at a time, over possibly weeks. And as I do that, I shall comment. Some comments you may like, some you may not, but I will always be tactful, and never hurtful – it’s just not who I am.

    I’ve had my head chomped AT a number of times – still got it.


    1. “Some comments you may like, some you may not”.. at that I shrug my shoulders and say that there is nothing that I haven’t already heard, and you are entitled to your opinion upon which I will reflect if it suits me, but your input will nonetheless be appreciated should you wish to impart it.
      To be honest I couldn’t give a monkey’s uncle what people think, the worst you can do is doubt yourself, although I agree that you need a certain amount of doubt or ellipsis as I put it in order to drive change. Just not the kind that makes you go grey over night.
      So, knock yourself out if you wish. I have two blogs that I post regularly on in case you hadn’t already noticed. So double the reading! Lucky you!

  11. It actually isn’t up to you what I choose to take responsibility for. So once again I take responsibility for your behaviour too because it is my choice, you are a manifestation of my perceived reality. You are no more real to me than one of the many dead people I speak to, and I don’t care if you don’t like that, or if it doesn’t fit in to your world view. In fact the following Stephen Fry quote expresses what I am trying to say to you very succinctly:

    “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

    There are just some things you are powerless to control. Paraphrase me and I will block you.

  12. I am having an odd moment, among a lifetime of them. It’s kind of a recursive one, in which I am the author of my life, yet not a character in the book it has become. You, however, were the lead I thought I’d created, and for whom I couldn’t find the words. She was creative, and gifted, and intuitive, and a synaesthete. In my unwritten book, however, she made her living as sort of a profiler, able to pull the innocuous bits into a whole, even for people who were deceased. But then, I put the project away, because though I knew my Jeanne was real, I couldn’t find her in my words. Then I read this post, as you suggested, and you have described her, plus the pieces that were missing.

    I think there are more connections than our science has learned. I remember when my sister and I used to be close. Although we lived 3,000 miles apart, I always knew when she was thinking of me, and vice versa. We’d call each other, and often get busy signals from dialing at the same time. My mom has a small collection of identical cards that each of us bought for her, separately. My sister and I, I should point out, are NOTHING alike. We were simply connected. We had a running joke for a while because for an entire year, I would call her every time she are fried chicken.

    Those are trivial, but I do think there’s something there, that only a few believe in enough to make real. Even fewer are gifted enough to describe it. I’m not nearly so intuitive as you are, but I know when I’ve connected with someone because I can feel their connection. It’s like having a phone connection in a way. I won’t know if they are thinking of me, or how to describe them, but I know if they’re gone. Of all the close relationships that I’ve had, I would say the average time it took to become close was in the order of 5 minutes.

    I would love to learn how you see the world. I’m glad you’re an artist; it would seem a waste, somehow, were you not.

    1. I keep getting the sense that you and I are like counterpart selves. We’ve been dreaming about each other and through sheer will our realities have converged. That may sound slightly romanticised, but I’m being quite sincere. I just don’t get close to people by accident. And things are never quite as they seem, so I have learned.
      You dreamt me into your reality as a character in your story, except from my point of view I have always been here. I like that thought. Not sure I mentioned it in this particular post but I also connect with people that have passed. Nearly all of my portraits are of such people, some of which you may have seen on this blog.

      I’m sitting here tuning into the connection between us and noticing in the periphery of my awareness how synchronised everything is suddenly. It isn’t always so transparent. Every once in a while everything around me drops into place and I see what a precise and well-oiled machine my reality is. I just heard ‘Upside Down’ by Diana Ross in the background on the TV, I remember when it was first released and was playing all the time on the radio back in the late 1970s. Transported back in time; the lyrics seem to mirror exactly what I’m feeling right now. It’s making me smile.

      1. Ah, I missed this response. That’s why the word synchronicity was running through my head. Now, to try and have calm dreams tonight. Exciting ones cause my heart to race. I’d rather a racing mind and a calm heart.

        When people meet you, I imagine a tilt of the head in which they try to decide if you are brilliant, or mad. “Yes,” you would reply, without hesitating, “but why do you think those are two different things, or that either is real?” Ah, and now my mind is writing the book. I best finish the story I’m working on first.

        Such a lovely brain inside that smile.

      2. The mad genius. Yes by popular definition that may well be true. Self confidence scares people sometimes, particularly when it isn’t their own, or if it reflects their own.
        Racing heart and calm mind sounds good to me. I’m glad that I have provided you with inspiration.

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