17 thoughts on “Strange structures

  1. Just a guess, but from my years as a photo analyst with ASIS I’d say you’re looking at a training base of the Egyptian Military. The markings seem to be set up for helicopters. Look to the right and you’ll see the barracks and training facilities.

    1. Yup I’ll buy that. I have to say from my own years working at an airport my initial impression was that it looked like an apron of sorts. It just looks very rudimentary, and you can see the vague outline of many more of the circular shapes over quite a wide area, and not in line with the current layout.

  2. I have to agree with JZ on this.

    I’d also say that it’s a fairly old establishment or was set up by an optimist expecting a very lengthy period of peace …

    1. As I’ve just said to John, yes I would agree with what it is. And I agree with you that it is fairly old establishment, especially judging by the many sand covered symbols that lie dotted over a huge area not in line with the current visible layout. Interesting…

      1. I’d need more precise info for a closer look.
        To the north and no great distance away I saw what looked to me like a used battlefield training ground—?

        I’ll have another beak at it … what are symbols like, that I’m looking for?

      2. Circles within circles could well be bunded parking bays for helos, the three-pointy things I haven’t a clue. If JZ is right and it is a helo facility then of course there’d be dispersal pads further out for unsettled times.

      3. Yep I agree, as I said to John, my first impression was that it was an airfield of some description, I think it was just the rudimentary and long unused look of it that made me question it.
        I also came across miles and miles of walls further north out in the desert, which by the wear on the huge blocks they look to be very old. Very interesting stuff scouring the Egyptian desert.

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