Snapshot Stories – You

I love that you love what I love. A tongue twister less twisted for the fate it seeks. Magic stirs within the fire-pit of my prescient imaginings, teasing them out into the fabric of tender reality, full of wonder and warmth in the hope that I find you there, hand outstretched and a smile as wide as the fluttering excitement I feel within me as I cast the energy of the universe out to you, and draw you close in my mind and heart. Embers glowing brightly, reminiscent of moments shared within the stirrings of memory yet unfolding. Know that my love for you will wait a thousand years more, until we meet eye to eye again beneath the ashen tree above the cloudless sky… yet there is room for you still as I know you now, should you wish to sit a while with me and share the moonlit sky over the stillness of dark waters, hand in hand, heart and mind singing a familiar song, quietly just beneath the usual rush of blood and pulsing of the stars. A kiss carried upon the breeze to the valley of your thoughts, full of a thousand promises waiting to be inhaled and drawn in like the tailing smoke that rises from the smouldering sun. There is time yet to steal a few moments before the creation of a new dawn and you drift away once more, to distant shores and far off lands, to lives that I shall not know, for a while at least. I think of you often and always, and I can feel your thoughts as you think of me too.


4 thoughts on “Snapshot Stories – You

  1. Wow clever Daughter, this is lovely! What a flood and flow of images painted with electric words. It captured me – nice work!!!

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