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We all entertain rigid notions about who we are and what life is meant to be, but if there is anything I have learned throughout the course of this particular earthly incarnation is that nothing is at it seems. Thoughts, emotions, words, physical events converge, diverge and morph into ever changing patterns that can no more be defined than the wind. We all desperately try to create and hang on to meaning as if our lives depended on it, yet the only thing that we truly depend upon is our own will to continue with the endeavour of being human, of being HERE, NOW. That’s not to say that our experiences, thoughts and emotions, in no particular order as they are all part of the same gestalt of simply being, are in any way invalidated by their highly fluctuating nature, but that in trying to restrain them, to contain them, we perpetuate a myth that they have any solidity or indeed weight of their own that fixes them into their, let’s face it, imaginary position. That imaginary position that we label: Beliefs and Expectations.

Given that we can only truly be responsible for our own thoughts, or rather our choices to react to thoughts, and thus subsequent beliefs, neither you or I are here to assuage other people’s guilt, or feelings of inadequacy. We all have them. Simply by defining who we are and what we value, we create divides between ourselves and others, whether that divide is indeed real or not, bearing in mindย what this blog is dedicated to. To maintain a semblance of uniqueness, we must accept a prejudicial stance. In saying that I am different from you is exercising that prejudice, or ‘pre-judgement’, an assumption based on whatever justifies the cause, even if it is only to demonstrate that I might have different coloured eyes, or hair to you. It is nevertheless a concept that can have disastrous consequences once voiced as an opinion, and worse still if it is socially accepted as a cold hard fact.

Through all my years of channelling and exploring metaphysics, the one consistent message that has come through is that there are no closed systems. Nothing and no-one is separate. It isn’t just a concept I believe in, but something I experience on a day to day basis and have done since I was a young child. Unfortunately our current society just isn’t equipped to even begin to understand that notion in a way that is conducive to growth. We still mount witch hunts against those of us who may see the world slightly differently, or distinctly differently in some cases, different that is from the acceptable norm. We cling onto our private, unique identities as if they were indeed separate from the world we inhabit, like parasites on an unwitting host. However, in maintaining our staunch world view, we limit the range of experiences and understanding that we are more than able to create.

According to the non-physical, we create our own reality. WE, at all levels of consciousness decide what is most beneficial for us as the human individuals that we believe ourselves to be, and collectively, whether through our tight physically human focus we allow ourselves to see or indeed believe that or not. There are things, patterns of consciousness that are operating all the time outside of our usual awareness, so for us to even begin to think that our opinions from our very specific vantage points are the last and final words on how, why, what and when things should be is moot frankly. No amount of postulation, or trying to assuage ones guilt can stop a tsunami from wiping out an entire civilisation, and you or me with our staunch opinions, or mild suggestions with it.

Allegorically, and frequently referred to as an ‘Act of God’ or ‘Nature’, depending on which side of the fence you prefer to sit, these wider patterns of activity that if the non-physical such as Seth and my own Sidiris are to be believed, are very much a reflection of who and what we are in wider terms. Death and destruction no more changes the integrity of consciousness than a butterfly landing on a tree in a very large and distance forest. Consciousness cannot be broken. Only physical things can, but even that is a belief that is specifically human in nature. In asking what is real and valid, we owe it to ourselves to consider what it is we are omitting from our most basic and fundamental premises. Do we really believe we understand what life is about just because we have lived as long as we have? Do we really have the tools and experience to define what ‘reality’ is?

My only purpose in this life, and in any life, is, has been and will be, to be who I am in the fullest way possible. There are no rules, or dictates, there are no parameters that define who that is supposed to be, or the kinds of experiences that I’m supposed to have based on the choices I or others make.

I was kind of hoping that one of my non-corporeal friends would pipe in as I wrote this, but I guess they thought I was doing a good enough job by myself. I know as I write this that it is the culmination of collective thought processes and patterns that have been evolving in order to be expressed in this way, and although the words are coming from me, I, like you who might be reading this are active participants in a greater pattern of events that are constantly shaping our collective and individual experience.

“The mind simply is not contained within the brain or the body. It is free to all intents and purposes to follow its own paths and routes, and does so with the prowess of a consciousness that is aware of its entirety. Figuratively speaking we communicate with you, from collective to individual, but as you may term, ‘in reality’, as our thoughts occur, so do yours. The process is simultaneous, despite your peculiar perception of time, with one event seemingly following the other. Time has little purpose outside of the human condition. It is a human construct that aids your perception and thus your understanding of life events. That you place so much weight and importance on it as a factor in your lives is sufficient to block your perception of most other kinds of information, and signals that you are aware of and that affect you ‘outside’ of your protective bubble. There are innumerable reflections of your Selfhood in the world you perceive as being separate from you, but the veil of awareness and comprehension is thin indeed. As the sun may suddenly appear from behind a cloud as it drifts seemingly gently across the sky upon seemingly invisible breezes, so too do your perceptions and beliefs change. It requires much energy on your part to maintain certain belief structures and you do so by developing routines of behaviour and routines of thinking. The food you consume fuels your body and thus these routines of behaviour and thinking in very direct ways. Neither is a separate experience. That you believe it so is a matter of convenience. Your highest concern within your very human frame of consciousness is that of your own survival, but as many of you no longer hunt for your food in the traditional sense, your notions of survival have changed to accommodate other needs that provide you with the impetus to communicate and thus conform with the world at large.

“WE, are always here. Those of you who are no longer with you in physical form are always here. HERE is where your mind is, where your consciousness ‘resides’ if you wish. HERE is not a place or a time, it simply IS. Consciousness once again, is a collective experience. All systems of thought are wide open. There are no secrets and no truths. Outcomes are neutral until they are made otherwise by the auspices of the physical being exercising choice. Death is not the end, life is not singular, or linear. As our dear friend and host says, nothing is as it seems.”

Our ability to ask ourselves questions is our biggest gift. We must be willing to solve our own riddles before we proclaim to know the answers for everyone else. In taking personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions, the world has the opportunity to heal itself, because one is not separate from the other. In healing yourself, you heal all. Naive? No. Not at all. Think on it a little, then think some more, and just when you think you’ve got it, think again. Decide for yourself how you wish things to be. We create our own reality, there are no closed systems. What does that imply?

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9 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Nothing is as it seems.

  1. This makes sense, especially as a follow-up to our discussion. It’s still admittedly hard for me to get my head around, especially the “making your own reality” bit, but if I think in terms that if we reject the “rules of the universe” (like quantum theory, spit) then for us, that isn’t part of reality. I do wonder if there is a physical reality that a spiritual being is supposed to overcome. If that’s true, my spirit’s got a lot more work to do.

    In any event, I thought this was a well-written and approachable explanation. Great job honey.

    Maybe next you should write a follow-up to Julius, based on what we found. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. With regards to Julius, the thought did occur to me. I would like to find the original notes and drawings I made about him when he first made contact. I would want to do him justice, even though he would probably tell me not to out of an old sense of pride. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one. Creating your own reality makes sense when put in the right context, that is when you give yourself permission to claim your inner godhood. Remembering and forgetting, that seems to be the cycle and the inevitable sticking point. Incidentally, you always make me smile with your unique take on things, probably because it mirrors my own cynicism at times. It’s healthy cynicism, in that stopping the train to explore and ask questions is all we have to help us unravel the mystery of life. As always however, your guess is as good as mine, but given the option, I’m always going to go for what gives me the best experience. It’s all well and good to tow the party line insofar as it allows you to interact effectively with others partaking of this ‘conscious’ experience, but negative or detrimental beliefs and expectations are never beneficial to anyone, not if they are the only outcome.

  2. No closed systems. This is true, and should never be forgotten. Recognising it (embracing it?) invites a certain poetry into living. And as they say, Earth without Art is just “Eh”

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